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Private live-in care

Quick summary

  • Privately arranging a live-in carer may be the go-to as a first option.
  • Privately arranging live-in care usually involves friends and family members.
  • An introductory agency can arrange live-in care and match you with a professional carer.

What is private live-in care?

Private live-in care can actually refer to two rather different things.

On one hand, it can be when you employ a live-in carer yourself – usually a friend or family member. Or, it can mean being matched with a live-in carer through an introductory agency, such as Elder, and paying for the care privately.

For many families, private live-in care with a friend or family member can seem like a great option. However, it does pose some drawbacks of having to manage employment and holidays – sometimes becoming extremely complex and with risks.

When going down the route of private care, you generally assume the role of employer and are therefore legally responsible for things such as sick pay, holiday entitlements and paying wages. 

Alternatively, hiring a private live-in carer through an agency, such as Elder, allows you to receive high-quality, bespoke care from a trained professional without having to worry about employing them or managing finances.

How can I hire a private live-in carer?

As mentioned, if you’re looking to hire a private live-in home carer, you can go down your own route. However, an introductory agency can help to match you with the perfect carer – taking away any of the stress of finding and employing someone.

Elder matches those needing care with a self-employed carer. These professionals, in collaboration with friends and family, manage the day-to-day care This usually involves housekeeping tasks, personal care, personal safety and generally being a friend and companion, there throughout the day and night.

In addition, if your loved one has complex care needs – such as dementia care or arthritis care – they’ll be matched with a carer who specialises in this area, ensuring your loved one receives the care they need, adhering to their medication and treatment plans.

To start the process, simply book a free consultation to discuss your family’s circumstances with our expert team. From there, complete an application form to begin the process – you’ll then be matched with a carer based on a number of things, such as care needs and personality. As a family, you can then choose whether the carer is right for you and start a trial period. Find more about how Elder works.


Paying for care privately

There are a range of benefits the elderly may be entitled to. However, for some, most or all of the money will come from private assets. Private funding for care can come from a variety of resources such as: 

  • Savings 
  • Equity release
  • Downsizing 
  • Pension 

You can find out more about paying for care here.

Risks of privately hiring a carer

When you employ someone privately for live-in care – such as a friend or family member – you assume responsibility for a number of things. This can come with some risk. Employing someone privately as a carer means you’re responsible for:

Paying wages

Tax and national insurance

Time off and sick pay

Providing a contract of employment


Finding respite care

Being responsible for all the above means you need to pay very close attention to the rules and regulations – not doing so could mean you’re liable if something goes wrong. Employing a carer privately in this manner can also result in you taking a more active organisational role.

When arranging care with an agency, they’ll usually step in and arrange respite care automatically for the period during which your carer takes a break. When you arrange care privately, you’re responsible for arranging this.

Benefits of using an agency for private live-in care

Using an introductory service for private live-in care has many benefits. Not only does it take some of the stress away from you, in an already stressful time, it also allows your family to choose the best carer for your loved one based on truly important factors such as their needs, circumstances and personality.

A carer you can trust

At Elder, we look for certain characteristics in our carers to ensure they are the right kind of person for the job. We have our own standards which all our carers should meet – these help carers and those receiving care understand what to expect from live-in care arranged with us. 

All our carers undergo rigorous checks prior to being allowed on our platform. As well as references of previous experience, they must pass a background check, situational judgement test and a series of interviews. Throughout this entire process, we ask one critical question, ‘would I want this person looking after my parent?’ It’s difficult to apply the same level of rigor when you’re arranging things yourself.

Hassle Free

Using an introductory agency to find a live-in carer helps to take the hassle away from an already stressful situation. Using our matching service, the process is done for you – all you need to do is make sure you’re happy with your chosen carer and begin the trial process.

Personalised matching service

We have thousands of professional carers on our system, when someone is in need of care our personalised matching service pairs them with the most suitable carer.

Our matching process doesn’t only take into account specific professional care needs but also individual needs, traits and personality types – to match the care receiver with the most suitable professional carer. This personal service helps to ensure the carer and care receiver get on well.

Frequently asked questions

What do private live-in carers do?

A private live-in carer is someone who will live in your loved ones home and take care of their care needs, offering day to day support with things such as personal care, medical care, specialist care, pet care, housekeeping and daily errands.

How do I find a private live-in carer?

You can find a private live-in carer through an introductory agency like Elder. Elder’s matching service will pair your loved one with a fully trained carer who matches their personality and care needs.

How much does live-in care cost?

Live-in care, whilst sometimes considered an expensive option, is actually very cost-effective considering the level of care and support offered by live-in carers.  Live-in care costs £895 a week with no hidden charges and with various funding options available from public to private, it is much more affordable than you may think.

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