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Elder makes live-in care easily accessible and stress-free, while your relative can continue doing what they love

“Live-in care is the perfect solution for those who want consistent, quality care support. You get 24/7 care, often costing less than somebody coming round to look after your relative a couple of times a day.” - Joe, Nottingham

Security & independence for your loved one

Peace of mind for you

Live-in care is chosen by tens of thousands of people across the UK

97% of people don't want to go into a care home, but many of them aren't aware there is an alternative.

Live-in care is that alternative, providing all of the benefits of residential care with few of the downsides. Whilst remaining in their own home, your relative not only benefits from being in their own community with their friends, but will receive one-to-one care and companionship, 24/7.

If you are unsure what sort of care you might need, or would like to learn more about live-in care, why not call one of our advisors or send us a message.

Paying for care is simpler than you might think

Funding can be simple

Elder costs less and pays your carer more than other providers, and is often far less expensive than a care home.

Paying for care of any sort can seem daunting. That’s where we can help. We work with financial experts who can help take the stress out of the process.

Whether you are looking to understand more about funding from the council, or are keen to understand more about the various options open to you, our advisors are on hand to help.

  Care home
Cost per week £795 Up to £2,000
Stay in their own home
Consistent 1:1 care
Keep their own daily routine

If you have a question you’d like answered, or would just like to find out a bit more about the options available to you, feel free to give us a call on 0333 241 3141 or send us a message.

“We love that we can still spend time together in the family home” ― Tom, Harrogate

Elder cares for people from Torquay to Inverness

We look after your carer, so they can look after your loved one and keep your family where they belong - in the place they recognise.

Colin & Dulcie

Colin & Dulcie

“My mother has never wanted to go into a care home. She’s a very independent woman and thanks to Elder she is able to have her life the way she wants.”

Jane & Margaret

Jane & Margaret

“Live-in care has worked better than I could have hoped for. I never thought Mum would be able to stay at home with her stage of dementia”

James & Arthur

James & Arthur

“Dad’s friends come round a few times a week to talk about the football, and the carer joins in. Shame she’s a Liverpool fan!”

“Elder makes doing the right thing simple and stress free” ― James, Truro

Here's what our customers say:

“Elder are honest and will move mountains to put things right if there are any issues. Their service is exactly what it says it will be and you will be properly supported by their team.”  ― Raymond, London
“Elder have been very professional right from the start. They sort everything out at their end – travel for the carer etc., so you don’t have to get involved on that side of things. They don’t just find anyone for you, they make sure it’s the right person/match. I can’t believe how professional they all are… they answer the phone as if you’re their only customer. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”  ― Louise, Helston
“Compared with virtually every other care company that we have looked at, their costs are extremely reasonable, and they’re not making a vast profit at Mother’s expense... They also pay their carers more, from our experience with other companies.”  ― Colin & Mary, Pewsey
“I have found the service to be excellent. We were all very stressed with several tragic circumstances to deal with... So it was welcome when we found Elder was so easy; we felt a weight was (for once) being removed from us.”  ― Fiona, Buckinghamshire

Our highly qualified carers are carefully matched to suit your relative’s needs

We only work with the best carers

The upheaval of having to move to a care home would mean giving up not just independence, but also their choice of entertainment options, animal companions, social community, and even culinary preferences. With a live-in carer, this doesn’t need to be the case.

We are incredibly thorough in selecting our carers, doing full background checks and putting them through a rigorous interview process. Only 4% of applicants end up getting a job with Elder.

It is important that our carers are qualified to deal with a range of conditions from frailty to dementia. However they also need to have softer skills such as empathy and compassion. We also understand how important it is that our carers can cook the food that your relative will love.

We invited some of our carers to share the dishes they love to cook

Faye's Sunday Roast

Faye's Sunday Roast

I've noticed that a firm favourite staple is Sunday roast, which I make every week without a fail.

Bridget's Shepherd's Pie

Bridget's Shepherd's Pie

My client's favourite meal is Shepherd's pie, and I love to make it because it reminds me of my own childhood.

James's Tomato Soup

James's Tomato Soup

I love making soup and my clients love soup. My favourite is pure and simple: home made, from scratch, creamy tomato.

We make sure that you get a carer that matches your needs

It is the matching process, that sets us apart. Each time we find care for somebody, we scour our pool of hundreds of carers to ensure that we can find an individual who not only has the required skills, but also will be a good personality match. It is because we do this that so many customers stay with us for years.

For example, we know that ensuring that our carers can cook the food that your relative is used to and enjoys, is a critical part of making sure the match works. Your live-in carer becomes part of the family, ensuring safety, comfort and enrichment of your loved one at all times.

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