Carer stories

Read stories from Elder-approved carers, and discover who they are, and what they love most about being a carer.

People become a carer for a broad range of reasons. Whether it started with supporting someone in their own family or they simply have always had a passion to help, they’re people doing an extraordinary job.

Caring is something I have wanted to do since I can remember, and I have always liked looking after elderly people, even from a young age.

Meet Adenike and Ernestina – here they share why they chose a career in care, and what caring for others means to them.

Carer Stories – Jasmine*: Finding flexibility in a rewarding role

Jasmine has always worked in domiciliary care but found Elder’s flexibility allows her to fit more into her life. 

Carer stories: Joy

Before joining Elder as a live-in carer in 2019, Joy was working for an agency that supplied carers to nursing homes across East Sussex. This is the story of her career in care and her experience of working with Elder so far.

Carer Stories – Bawinile Ngubane: From Nursing to Care

We talked to her about how finding work with Elder provides her with important flexibility for her lifestyle – and real job satisfaction.

Carer Stories – Caroline Mardy: A Calling to Care

We talked to her about the importance of laughter, and how she enjoys being an ‘extra hand’, helping to keep older people ‘feeling like themselves’ and living as independently as possible in the comfort of their own homes.

Carer Stories – Caroline Mardy: A Calling to Care"

One of my favourite things about being a carer is the communication element. I cared for a gentleman who served in the war and I learned so much from him. He enjoyed talking about his experience and I enjoyed listening.