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Read our carer stories and discover who the carers we work with are, and why they became a live-in carer.

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People become a live-in carer for a broad range of reasons. Whether it started with supporting someone in their own family or they simply have always had a passion to help, they’re people doing an extraordinary job. In this section, you’re able to read some real-life stories to give you an idea of the kind of person you can expect to help your family.

Carer Stories - Virginia Keane: 30 Years' Experience

Virginia Keane has been a carer for over 30 years, we talked to her about her work with Elder and the importance of creativity, compassion and patience in being a good carer.

Carer Stories - Kashta Moor: Care Runs in the Family

With both of his parents having worked in the sector all their lives, we talked to him about how caring was a natural career move for Kashta Moor.

Carer Stories - Bawinile Ngubane: From Nursing to Care

Bawinile Ngubane always knew she wanted to help people to live well. We talked to her about how live-in care gives her flexibility and satisfaction.

Carer Stories - Caroline Mardy: A Calling to Care

After caring for her mother-in-law for ten years, she joined Elder in 2017, fulfilling a professional ambition to help and support people in later life.

Carer Stories - Catherine Mukiibi: From Domiciliary to Live-in

Catherine has been a carer for over 20 years, supporting people in their own homes, first with domiciliary work and most recently with Elder as a live-in carer.

Carer Stories - Jillo Koyama

Jillo, 31, has been a professional carer for five years and was inspired to choose her career path through her personal experience of caring for her younger brother. She tells her story.

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