Join the heart of Elder

Join the heart of Elder

Are you looking for an opportunity to transform the life of an older person? Find out everything you need to know about caring with Elder

Are you looking for an opportunity to transform the life of an older person? Find out everything you need to know about caring with Elder

Be rewarded

Our award-winning programme supports your financial goals and looks after your wellbeing

Work flexible hours

Choose placements that fit around your personal life and commitments.

Get double pay

As standard you’ll get paid double on any bank holiday you work.

Make a real difference

Help vulnerable people get the quality care they need, in their own homes.

We’re committed to doing right by you

We believe later life should be lived well. Older people should get the support they need without giving up their dignity. Their independence should be protected, and they should have someone they can trust to talk to, and provide companionship. 

By joining our network of 4000+ incredible carers, you can help us make this happen. 

And, when you help vulnerable older people and their families to get the most out of life, it’s only right we help you to do the same. So, as an Elder-approved self-employed carer you can earn a competitive rate and bonuses, access exclusive third-party rewards, and get specialist support every step of the way from a dedicated team.

Get started with Elder

We’ve made it as simple as possible to join the Elder platform. Ultimately, it’s all about getting to know you, so that you can get the most out of care.

What type of placements does Elder offer?

Live-in care

You’ll move into your care recipient’s home to offer one-to-one support with their daily care needs.

Visiting care

You’ll be providing one-on-one, personalised support that can be shorter one-off visits, or regular weekly visits.

Local authority

You’ll work in a variety of care settings such as care homes, community hospitals, and home care.

Start your application

Take a look at our open positions or get started on your application

Access hundreds of placements from wherever you are in the UK

Once you’ve gone through our application process you’ll have access to the Elder Hub app. It’s where you can manage your work, find support, and track exclusive carer rewards.


Get notified of new placements that meet your requirements, and apply straight from your phone.


Set your preferences, choose when and where you work, and book breaks with ease.


Get support around-the-clock via the carer newsfeed and help centre.


Earn and manage your exclusive loyalty rewards.

Discover an award winning loyalty programme

Being a self-employed live-in carer, daily carer, or working on Local Authority placements is far more than a job, it’s an incredible commitment. It deserves to be rewarded in a way that makes a real difference to your own professional, and personal wellbeing. 

This loyalty programme has been designed to do just that. When you regularly provide care through our platform, you’ll get access a wide range of rewards that can support you financially, emotionally and physically.

What do carers say about finding work through Elder?


"Getting to spend time with my clients and talking about their lives, families, hobbies and interests is amazing"


"I have never looked back. I'm enjoying the progress I'm making day by day. It is my joy to work at Elder."


"The flexibility of the work is good, but I also found live-in care more fulfilling in terms of job satisfaction."

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