From dementia friendly days out to getting every penny of care funding you’re entitled to - our articles can help you get the most out of later life. Discover expert information on home care, care costs, and elderly living below.

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older lady smiles as a young woman shows her something on a computer screen

Personal independence payment – recent changes and tips for applying

Personal Independence Payment (commonly called PIP for short) is a benefit that helps with living…

Written by Zenya Smith

8 tips for if you’re caring for elderly parents from a distance

Ensuring an older loved one is safe a cared for when you don’t live nearby…

Written by Zenya Smith

Recognising the signs of frailty in someone with dementia

By understanding and recognising frailty, you can help a person with dementia to access the…

Written by Zenya Smith

Feeling trapped caring for an elderly parent

No matter how much you love a parent, shifting from being their child to their…

Written by Zenya Smith

Moving back home from residential care

Older people can move out of a care home for a variety of reasons. If…

Written by Zenya Smith

6 weeks free NHS intermediate care – what happens next?

What is the concept of intermediate care? Intermediate care services are essentially there to provide additional…

Written by Zenya Smith

4 tips for when a loved one is staying in hospital

Having a loved one admitted to hospital is always a concerning time. In this article…

Written by Zenya Smith
A older woman sits in the garden on a sunny day with her elderly father

Care choices – Elder factsheet

We understand that starting your care journey can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you’re completely…

Written by Zenya Smith

Talking about care – Elder factsheet

As one of life’s biggest decisions, we believe it’s vital for people to feel they…

Written by Zenya Smith

Home from hospital – an Elder factsheet

The majority of us will likely receive some form of hospital treatment at some point…

Written by Zenya Smith
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