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Live-in care agency – what you need to know

Quick summary

  • A live-in care agency matches carers with care recipients based on a number of factors.
  • Carers are assigned based on thing such as personality type and care needs.
  • The customer and care recipient get the final say.

Live-in care offers bespoke support for those who need it – allowing them to stay independent in their own home, surrounded by memories and the things they love. While there are an increasing number of companies offering a live-in option, a specialist agency is best able to facilitate this. 

As a live-in care agency, Elder is experienced in understanding the care needs of individuals and their families, before introducing them to a carer who suits both their care needs and personality type. 

We understand that to have someone live in your home is a big step, which is why we ensure, through our matching service, your loved one’s needs, opinions, preferences, and personality are all considered. It means we can find a carer who’ll suit their situation for the long-term.

What is a live-in care agency?

A live-in care agency specialises in providing home care for those who require support. Live-in carers are matched with care recipients based on a number of factors, before being placed. 

Putting your loved one at the front of everything we do – a live-in care agency provides personalised care support for you and your family.

As a live-in care agency, we understand the complexities and hardship that can come alongside arranging care for a loved one, and that is why we put you and your family first. 

Within the sphere of live-in care, there are generally two distinct types of company – either a fully-managed company or an introductory agency.

What is a fully-managed live-in care agency?

A fully-managed live-in care agency is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and generally their carers are direct employees of their company meaning the company manages each carers pay, benefits, holidays and pension.

What a fully-managed company with employed carers can provide

  • Training, and performance management of carers.
  • Monitoring of the care recipient and decision making on the care based on this assessment.
  • Assessing their client’s need and creation of a personalised care plan.
  • Advice or direct change to the activity of the professional carer;
  • Assessments on the type of carer required due to the care needs of the recipient;
  • Act as an advocate for the care recipient, changing the care received or providing advice;
  • Review or manage the care plan in consultation with the individual.

What is an introductory agency?

Elder is defined by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as an Introductory Agency, in line with the Health & Social Care Act 2008. This is a model that is approved by the CQC, but falls outside the scope of their regulations.

Rather than employ the carers we work with, we match customers who require care with self-employed care professionals from the Elder network of carers.

All the live-in carers on the Elder platform are contracted directly with your family, as per the terms and conditions.

Elder care professionals, in line with the family members or primary contacts, and local councils, manage the day-to-day care of the care recipients. This includes managing the personal care, risk assessments, continuation of care assessments and anything else required to make sure the recipient is safe, happy and comfortable in the place they’re happiest – their own home.

As an Introductory Agency, Elder does not have an “ongoing role in the direction or control of the service provided”. However, in terms of helping you manage your care, we go above and beyond what many other Introductory Agencies offer.

We’ve done everything we can to make managing your family’s care needs as stress free as possible, with our online care management app, MyElder, as well as providing you with your very own dedicated account manager, as required.

What an introductory agency can provide

  • Help you or your loved one find your most suitable carer, and help source a replacement or substitute professional, as required, on an on-going basis.
  • Payroll services for you and your home carer.
  • Support services for you and your private live-in carers can help support your own care management, such as MyElder and your dedicated Account Manager.
  • Regular check ins to make sure you and your family are happy with the care, and the live-in carer, provided.

Elder standards

Elder understand that arranging care for a loved one is a big step and that live-in care is a big decision – therefore we have the Elder standards which show you what you can expect from your carer and what they can expect from you.

Not only does this include expectations of duties and care roles but also in terms of personality and characteristics. All our carers are hired based upon our high standards so you can be reassured they are polite, flexible, honest and organised. 

Frequently asked questions

What is live-in care?

Live-in care offers 24-hour a day support for those with care needs, including complex care. A live-in carer provides support with personal care, medical care, housekeeping tasks and daily errands as well as things such as cooking and pet care. Live-in care also provides your loved one with full-time companionship and support in anything they need.

Who chooses live-in care?

Live-in care is a great option for any individual who wishes to retain their independence whilst still receiving full-time care and support. For those with general care needs to those with complex care requirements including dementia, parkinsons and stroke recovery – live-in care provides full-time support for medical treatment as well as day-to-day care.

How do I get a live-in carer?

A live-in care agency, such as Elder, can help arrange live-in care for you. Through matching you with an experienced carer who is suitable both in terms of professional care services and individual interests and personality type. Ensuring a perfect match and companion. You can start your live-in care journey by contacting Elder today.

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