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This month we're celebrating the unique bonds between loved ones and carers, and sharing our advice to enjoy summer safely.

30 July International Friendship Day

Celebrating friendship – Patricia and Rose’s story

Often a carer becomes more than a source of support, they become a life-long friend – someone to open up to, and enjoy life with.

We’re celebrating these unique bonds with the story of Patricia and her carer Rose, who’s friendship flourished from a shared love of music.

Carer of the month - Dave

Dave has cared for five people, for over 68 weeks since he joined us in November 2019. With several five star testimonials and a wonderful TrustPilot review, it was clear that Dave deserved this month’s spotlight.

“He is attentive, thoughtful, constantly looking to improve the situation for his patient, and carries out all his duties with a charming sense of humour.”

See why he’s our carer of the month

Enjoying summer safely

Dealing with dehydration in the elderly

Did you know that the older we get, the more likely we are to experience dehydration?

From recognising the signs and causes, to the best ways to rehydrate, we’ve covered everything you’ll want to know in our latest guide.

9 Summer activities for the elderly

We’ve shared nine inclusive and safe summer activities for the elderly, so that everyone can get outside and enjoy the warmer weather.

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