Elder Complaints Policy


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Purpose and Scope

Elder always wants to improve the quality of experience for all Care Recipients, Customers, Carers and everyone who uses the Elder platform. 

We welcome all feedback and will ensure that any complaints are appropriately assessed and outcomes are shared within appropriate timescales.

Complaints Procedure

Any concerns or complaints can be raised in writing by: 

Complaints Process

Once a complaint has been made Elder will acknowledge safe receipt as soon as possible, the complaint will then be considered by the Head of Customer Account Management. Elder will aim to respond with initial findings within three weeks of the complaint.

If you are not satisfied with that response, you may escalate the matter to Elder’s Senior Governance Team, who will review and provide a final response within a further two weeks.

Complaints Log

Elder will retain information of any complaints raised, which will include details of each complaint, the person who made the complaint, the subject matter, the outcome and the date on which any outcome letter was sent to the person who raised the complaint.