Doing right by you with rewards and support

Find out what we do to care for carers – from ensuring you take home an industry leading rate, to helping you to stay healthy, reach your financial goals, and balance your work and personal time through an exclusive loyalty programme.

As an Elder-approved carer, you’ll always get:

  • At least £700 for every full week you work
  • Paid travel to and from your placements
  • Double your daily rate on bank holidays, including Christmas
  • The chance to earn exclusive rewards with each day of care you provide

At Elder, we believe to support others you need the right support yourself. As an elder-approved carer you’ll have access to a loyalty programme that looks after you, while rewarding your compassion and commitment to care. 

Every day you care makes a difference. Once you’ve completed your first day of care through Elder, you’ll be eligible for exclusive rewards from our trusted external providers. 

And, the more you care within the Elder Platform, the more rewards you can take advantage of each month – things like emotional support and counselling, help managing your money, and discounts on food, fuel and technology. 

Discover the loyalty programme built for you

Provide care occasionally for:

Third party mental health support, shopping discounts and more.

Provide care often for:

Third party support for staying healthy, managing your leave and more.

Provide care a lot for:

Third party support for your work and home life, a monthly bonus and more.

Do you have a friend who cares?

Do you know carers who may be interested in joining the Elder platform? When you become a carer with Elder, you’ll have access to our Friends who Care scheme – simply recommend us to a friend, and if they join us and provide 14 days of care, you’ll both receive a £300 bonus. Speak to our team to find out more. 

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