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At Elder, we help match those seeking live-in care at home with a self-employed carer based on their individual needs and personality. 

Elder is defined by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as an Introductory Agency as we match carers with service users but do not directly employ them on our platform. Click here to learn more about Introductory Agencies.

We offer a solution that’s built around the service user, promoting independence, choice and control in their care journey: 

Person-centred approach

Our person-centred service is built entirely around the needs and choices of the service user.

Better health outcomes

Live-in care has been linked to a reduction in key drivers of elderly hospital admissions.

Rapidly deployable

We can place independent carers within as little as 48 hours of the initial call, anywhere the UK.

How live-in care with Elder works

Our ElderMATCH technology sensitively pairs independent live-in carers to service users, based on their medical needs and personality, so they can stay close to the things and people they love.

A dedicated, independent live-in carer moves in to help with tasks from personal care to household tasks. Doing all that’s required to ensure the service user is safe, comfortable, and happy in their home. A live-in carer is able to support with: 

  • Household maintenance
  • Help getting up and ready
  • Personal hygiene
  • Favourite meals
  • Essential errands
  • Medication prompting

Carers on the Elder platform are able to offer a broad range of situational care, including but not limited to respite care and care following hospital discharge. Specialist carers on our platform are able to look after specific types of conditions, including dementia care, stroke care, and Parkinson’s care*.

*Exclusions include PEGS/NG feeding or TPN; complex medication needs; severe mental health or behavioural issues; bariatrics; paraplegia & tetraplegia; stomas; those with a tracheostomy, BIPAP or CPAP requirement; carers are unable to give rescue medication to severe epileptics; carers unless trained are unable to undertake nursing tasks such as a wound or chronic ulcer dressing.

"Of course at the moment during coronavirus, it’s even better to have her home – I wouldn’t be able to visit her in the care home, and I would be worried sick about her safety, but now I know she is safe and well looked-after."
- Jill
Elder Customer

Independent care professionals you can rely on

Elder’s rigorous quality assurance protocols with carers ensure service users receiving care at home don’t just stay connected, they stay safe. 

Onboarding carers

  • Situational judgement test
  • Face-to-face interview via zoom
  • Enhanced DBS/PVG check

Quality assurance

  • Ongoing reviews of customer feedback
  • Escalation review committees 
  • Access to e-learning platform

Ongoing support

  • Published Carer Standards
  • Welcome session for new carers
  • Dedicated Carer Support Team

An affordable home care option

Live-in care with Elder is comparable to the weekly long-term costs of residential care homes across various regions in the UK – and presents significant cost savings versus delayed discharge. Our pricing is tailored to the individual’s care needs, so get in touch for a quote.

Elder will work closely with the service user, social care advocates and family to accommodate for different funding arrangements. We have experience working with service users receiving funding support from Continuing Health Care or through personal budgets/direct payments. To set up commissioned services with local authorities, we are also able to establish approved supplier contracts. 

Call us on 0370 218 4230 to learn how to arrange care with Elder

What do our customers say?

Patricia’s story

“Rose, our carer, has made a big effort to get to know Mum’s life and what makes her tick.”

Jim’s care story

“Our carer Tabby can manage things in such a calm and reassuring way.”

Jean and Fred’s story

“Mum loves Maria and her other carers, and mostly she loves being at home.”

Who’s live-in care suited to?

Live-in care is often the most appropriate care setting for service users in your local community who:

Want to stay at home

Live-in care is ideal for people who need full-time care but have been vocal about their desire to remain at home.

Need dedicated support

Our service is suited to those needing support with day-to-day tasks and/or requiring 1:1 care and monitoring.

The first step to getting your personal budget is to apply for a care needs assessment.

Receive personal budgets

Eligible recipients of personal budgets, such as direct payments, who can manage their care through our app.

Dedicated support through the care journey 


Families can accept carer matches, update their care needs and manage their invoices – ideal for direct payments holders.


Our proprietary matching technology sensitively pairs independent live-in carers to service users, based on their medical needs and personality.

Mission Control

Our unique logistics and care planning platform, Mission Control, enables us to provide a seamless end-to-end experience for carers and service users.

Dedicated contact

Your organisation will get a single point of contact – an Account Manager you know and trust.

Specialist support at every step with elder live-in-care
Self employed carer

Clinical expertise

Our internal clinical team ensures rigorous standards and an outstanding record of quality assurance.

Family support

Our dedicated Care Advisors and Family Support Specialists, guide families through every step of their care journey.

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