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What is an introductory agency and what does it mean?

Elder is defined by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as an Introductory Agency, in line with the Health & Social Care Act 2008. This is a model that is approved by the CQC, but falls outside the scope of their regulations.

Rather than employ the carers we work with, we match customers who require care with self-employed care professionals from the Elder network of carers.

All the live-in carers on the Elder platform are contracted directly with your family, as per the terms and conditions.

Elder care professionals, in line with the family members or primary contacts, and local councils, manage the day-to-day care of the care recipients. This includes managing the personal care, risk assessments, continuation of care assessments and anything else required to make sure the recipient is safe, happy and comfortable in the place they’re happiest – their own home.

As an Introductory Agency, Elder does not have an “ongoing role in the direction or control of the service provided”. However, in terms of helping you manage your care, we go above and beyond what many other Introductory Agencies offer.

We’ve done everything we can to make managing your family’s care needs as stressfree as possible, with our online care management app, MyElder, as well as providing you with your very own dedicated acccount manager, as required.

What an introductory agency can provide

– Help you or your loved one find your most suitable carer, and help source a replacement or substitute professional, as required, on an on-going basis.

– Payroll services for you and your home carer.

– Support services for you and your private live-in carers can help support your own care management, such as MyElder and your dedicated Account Manager.

– Regular checkins to make sure you and your family are happy with the care, and the live-in carer, provided.

What a fully-managed company with employed carers can provide

– Training, and performance management of carers.

– Monitoring of the care recipient and decision making on the care based on this assessment.

– Assessing of their client’s need and creation of a personalised care plan.

– Advice or direct change to the activity of the professional carer;

– Assessments on the type of carer required due to the care needs of the recipient;

– Act as an advocate for the care recipient, changing the care received or providing advice;

– Review or manage the care plan in consultation with the individual.

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