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Caring with Elder

You’re committed to transforming lives, and we’re committed to doing right by you.

You are the heart of care

Our network of live-in carers make a difference in so many ways. They provide life-changing care and companionship, at a time when it can be easy to feel cut off from the outside world, and help older people stay connected to the things that matter most.

We know that care is as much about making a difference, as making a living –  and living well. As a self-employed carer with Elder, you’ll always be properly compensated for your care, and receive total support from our dedicated team – because you can’t be expected to care for others, if you don’t have the right support yourself.

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The benefits

  • A minimum base rate of £700, for every full week of care you provide
  • Double your daily rate on every bank holiday you work
  • Paid travel to and from your placement
  • Free access to an external e-learning platform, so you can grow your skills as a self-employed carer
  • The chance to receive £300 through the Elder referral scheme

We can’t exist without great carers like you, so when you become a self-employed carer with Elder, we will:

Ensure you are properly compensated and rewarded for the care you provide

Listen to you and be there for you, whenever you need us

Support you so you can get the most out of your journey in care

Care about your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing

What is an introductory agency?

If you’re new to Elder, you may be confused about our status as an introductory agency, and what that means for you. 

In the simplest terms, we’ll support you in finding placements that meet your needs, but you’ll be contracted directly by the family you help as a self-employed carer, and not with us.

How this benefits you:

  1. Finding the right placements – You’re free to apply for the placements that fit in around your life. Our team really gets to know you, so that your profile on our Elder Hub showcases your skills and experience. You’ll also have access to care appraisals created by the family, and the right tools to manage your care logs easily.
  2. Support before the big day – Going into your placement, we’ll help you arrange travel, and will cover all the travel costs for you. We can also help organise your weekly food budget with the family before you arrive, and are on hand to chat through any questions you might have.
  3. Always here for you – If you’re ill or need to leave your placement early, we will arrange for someone to provide cover within two weeks. And, if you’re facing a challenging situation or emergency, you can reach us any time of the day or night.

I prefer shorter placements at the moment, because my father is also getting older. I like to go away for two to three weeks, then spend a week or two at home, which is just right.

Kashta Moor, Self-employed carer with Elder

More about caring with Elder

How soon will I get a placement?

We’ve seen some inspiring bonds form between carers and care receivers that run deeper than a care relationship – they’re real friendships. As such, our matching process focuses on shared hobbies, experiences and interests, so it may take a little longer to find you a placement where you can really feel like part of the family.

Once you’ve applied for a placement with us through our Elder Hub platform, the family will take a read through of your profile, and we’ll be in touch in a few days to confirm if the family feel you’re a good fit, and let you know when you can meet them. Most of our communications are through email and text, so it’s important to keep your contact details updated at all times. 

Does live-in care mean giving up my work life balance?  

While live-in care means moving into a care receiver’s home for a set amount of time, it can be a flexible way of working too. You can create your own schedule – deciding when you want to take holidays and for how long, and choosing where you want to work in the UK through the Elder Hub platform. 

What’s it like moving into someone else’s home?

If you’re new to live-in care, the thought of moving into someone else’s home for the first time can be overwhelming, however we’ll do everything we can to make the move as comfortable as possible. 

In most cases you’ll be taking over from another Elder carer. You’ll be given their contact number, and it can be really useful to talk to them ahead of time to run through any questions you may have. 

On every placement, you’ll always have your own private room, with a safe place to keep your things, as well as fresh bedding and towels to use. We also ask families to double check everything is working properly before your arrival, such as the cooker, shower and washing machine. 

The family are likely to be eager to meet you in person and get to know you, as they’ll want you to feel as comfortable as possible. And if you have any questions or concerns, our carer support team is just a phone call away. 

Want to speak to a member of our carer team?

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