Live-in care

Getting older shouldn’t mean giving up the things that make you who you are. Live-in care can help you keep the life you know, all while getting the care you need.

Live later life your way

Live-in care gives people the choice to be cared for in their own homes. We’ll help you find an experienced and trusted carer who’ll move in, get to know you and how you like things, and provide truly personalised care.

Only pay for the care you need with our simple pricing structure
Choose your carer from a network of friendly, independent carers
Easily manage your care within your My Elder account
Receive guidance from a dedicated Family Support Specialist

How it works

In 3 easy steps

Tell us about
your needs

Speak to an Elder Care Advisor and complete our online care appraisal – this gives us a clear picture of the type of support you’re after, and help us guide you on things like funding eligibility.

Review your
carer matches

We’ll send you the profile and video of any carer we think best matches your needs and lifestyle. All you need to do is let us know who you like best. 

Your care begins

Your carer moves in. They’ll take time to get to know you and how you like things. We’ll keep in touch regularly to help everything run smoothly, and answer any questions you have.

The benefits of choosing Elder

No surcharges on Bank Holidays or weekends
A one week trial period
Cancel care anytime in the first 7 days, and only pay for the care you’ve received
An agreed weekly rate, with no unexpected extra costs
No lengthy contracts
We only require a two week notice period
No exit fees
Up to 2x nightly wake-ups included

Full Time Care

The rate below is the usual cost of full-time live-in care for one person. This price should be used as a guide only, as rates are personalised to individual care needs. Call our care advisors for a personalised quote.

Per week from £1195

What does it include?

Household tasks

e.g vacuuming and laundry

Meal times

e.g preparing meals to taste and dietary requirements

 Personal care

e.g help with washing, toileting, and prompting medication


e.g daily company, and help getting out and about to see friends

Helping with daily pet care

e.g feeding, exercising

 Up to two nightly wake-ups

Occasional help with things like getting to the toilet or providing reassurance.

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Find out more about how our Live-in Care Service works day to day – and how it could support your lifestyle.

Dedicated care advisors and
family support specialists

Get quality care in place in as little as 24 hours

Only pay for the care you need with no hidden costs

Choose your carer from our 5000+ community of vetted professionals

What people are saying about our staff

Big decisions need bespoke support. Our friendly Care Advisors and Family Support Specialists are here seven days a week to listen, guide and empower you through the complexities of care. 

Would you like to discuss your needs with a Senior Care Advisor?

Give us a call on the number below.

Our services

Care with Elder will
always include...

Unlimited carer matching 

Using our technology and expertise, we’ll uniquely match you to carers with the right experience, skills and character.

Emergency support

We can put care in place in as little as 24 hours if your needs are urgent

On-going family support

You’ll have your own Family Support Specialist who’ll understand you, your family and your situation

Your own MyElder account

an intuitive online account where you and your family can manage every aspect of care and access carer information.


You’ll likely have some questions about whether live-in care will work for you. We’ve covered some essential information below. 

When someone new moves into the home, it can take a bit of time to settle in and build a routine that you’re all comfortable with. With Elder, your needs will always shape your care schedule so that it’s personal to you. 

Usually, your carer will stay with you for around four weeks (although this is flexible depending on your needs), before taking their first week off to rest and recharge. We’ll work with you to help you secure a temporary carer you’re happy with, who can move in and provide respite care while your main carer is away. They’ll arrive between 12-2pm on their first day for a handover with your main carer. 

When your main carer returns, they’ll typically be in place for another three to four weeks. This working pattern will usually then continue, so everyone can get into a comfortable and familiar routine.

Absolutely. Live-in carers offer assistance with a huge range of day-to-day requirements – including hygiene and grooming.

Putting your loved one at ease during this sort of care is tricky, but live-in carers are uniquely positioned to do just that. They can devote the time and attention required to build trust, as well as get to know just how much help they need to offer.

Of course. Live-in carers move into your loved one’s home to offer 24-hour care – even if that means getting up occasionally in the middle of the night.

They’ll help create routines around bedtime, ensuring better quality sleep for improved wellbeing. They might also get your loved one to the toilet if they need it, or put their mind at ease if they’re confused.

If you begin to need more regular or intensive night-time support, you may benefit from a dedicated night carer, to ensure your live-in carer is getting enough rest.

Live-in care has been linked with a reduction in falls by 33% in comparison to residential care while hip fractures are reduced by 46%. In addition, staying in your home allows you to remain with the same GP, which not only provides comfort – but has also been linked to living longer.

Your loved one can also keep up with hobbies and interests such as attending events or local clubs. In addition, it allows people to arrange their social life on their own terms.

They can continue to visit their regular clubs, events or places of worship. They can continue to see friends and family as they please and there’s no reason their social life should change. Only for the better.

With Elder you’ll be set up with your own MyElder online account. This is where you can complete your Care Appraisal before care starts – detailing the care needs, health, lifestyle, and home environment of the person needing care. You can add other family members to the account to help complete the Appraisal, and to give them visibility over care once it begins. 

You also use your MyElder account to – 

  • Review carer profiles and select your carer
  • View your schedule and plan handover days when your carer takes a break
  • Read updates from your carer with the Care logs feature 
  • Keep care information updated and update any changes to your care needs
  • Easily update payment information and track your invoices

After your initial call with an Elder Care Advisor, you’ll have the opportunity to complete an online Care Appraisal, where you can tell us about your needs and lifestyle in detail. We’ll review this information carefully and uniquely match you to a selection of carers we think would be a great fit for you. 

You’ll have time to review a  profile for each carer you’re matched with in your MyElder account, as well as an introductory video where they’ll talk about what they enjoy about being a carer and their experience, as well as their hobbies and interests. Then you simply need to confirm which carer you like best. 

If you’d like to speak to your preferred carer before they start, we can arrange this too.

Yes. Every carer we work with must have a good level of written and spoken English. 

If you’d prefer a carer who also speaks a second language, simply let us know. 

Yes, we give you the choice if you’d prefer a male or female carer, simply let us know if you or your loved one has a preference.

A carer who moves into your loved one’s home with them will need their own space in which to sleep and spend time when they are not actually providing care. Most commonly, a carer will have a bedroom of their own, but if this is not practical, you could adapt a reception room or study for them to use – as long as it’s a private space i.e not a thoroughfare to another room or in regular use by other family members during the day. 

The live-in carer will not need a bathroom of their own, although this would be preferable. They will need clean and functional bathroom facilities that they can use, and if sharing a bathroom, there should be somewhere for them to store toiletries.

We also recommend setting up a WiFi connection if you don’t have one already. The internet is useful for many things, including keeping in touch with Elder, which can be even more important if you live in a rural location with poor phone signal.

There is, though it’s worth noting that the kind your loved one is eligible for depends on their circumstances – both financial and medical.

They may be in the running for assistance from local or national government schemes. They may also be able to release equity in their property to access a tax-free lump sum or income.

To get a better understanding of your options, take a look at our ’How do I pay for live in care?’ page or speak to one of our care advisors who can guide you through funding questions.

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