Elder live-in care plans cater for simple to complex needs. It means you only pay for the support your family needs. Discover what’s included in our three main plans:

Our live-in care plans are all about putting your family in control. We understand care can feel expensive. But our plans makes live-in care as affordable as possible by ensuring your family only pays for the support you actually need.

With every plan, we’ll –

  • Match you with a trusted, quality carer
  • Get care in place quickly if your needs are urgent
  • Provide you with your own dedicated Family Support Specialist to provide on-going help and guidance
  • Ensure you only ever pay for the care you need – with no hidden charges, or extra costs on bank holidays
  • Give you access to your own MyElder online account where you can manage your care, review carer information, and find useful resources

We’ll always respect your needs and preferences when matching you with a carer. For example, if you need someone that can walk your dog, or cook for specific dietary requirements – we’ll work hard to find a carer with the right skills, and make a match you can feel good about.

Standard live-in care

Recommended for: Those who need some support with household tasks and assistance around the home, as well as companionship.

Care for one personCare for two people
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What care funding support is available?

It can be daunting if you’re seeing the cost of care for the first time. But don’t worry, help is available from a number of sources. Whether it’s your local authority or NHS, it’s likely you’ll get all or part of the weekly fees covered.

What Standard includes

With Standard, the carer may also be able to help with some limited additional needs such as more extensive personal care or help with challenging behaviour, depending on what is involved.

  • Household tasks and maintenance
  • Personal care – dressing and grooming
  • Friendship and companionship
  • Up to two nightly wake-ups

Get every penny you’re entitled to. Our calculator will tell you likely eligibility for state benefits, NHS, and local authority funding.

Specialist live-in care

Recommended for: Those who need a bit more personal support, or those who are living with dementia or other life-changing conditions.

Care for one personCare for two people
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Do you know about direct payments?

If you’re entitled to funding from the NHS or your local authority, you’re usually able to get this paid directly to you. A direct payment gives you a lot more control over the type of care you want – ideal if you’re considering live-in care.

What Specialist includes

With Specialist, your carer will be ready to provide more extensive personal care and support.

  • Household tasks and maintenance
  • More extensive personal care
  • Up to two nightly wake-ups
  • Hoisting – provided it can be done by one person
  • Help with challenging behaviour
  • Carer breaks to work around the care schedule

We’re not going to lock you into any long contracts. If your loved one’s care needs change, you’re able to leave with two weeks’ notice.

Advanced live-in care

Recommended for: Those in need of significant support, throughout the day and night. Typically, for those with advanced needs, who require continuous and specialist assistance.

Care for one person
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Have you heard of NHS Continuing Healthcare?

If your loved one has complex care needs, the NHS may pay for their care costs in full. Continuing Healthcare is a non-means test funding source that covers 100% of your fees if you have a primary health need.

What Advanced includes

With Advanced, there will be two carers on-hand to help around the clock. This is usually designed for those with highly advanced requirements who need constant care 24-hours a day.

  • Two live-in carers for round-the-clock help
  • Household tasks and maintenance
  • More extensive personal care
  • Hoisting that requires more than one carer
  • Help with challenging behaviour
  • Carer breaks designed so that there’s never a gap in support

Our pricing enables us to do right by the carers we work with – providing them with a competitive pay rate, and access to an award winning loyalty & support programme.

Additional options

As well as deciding on a plan, you should also consider whether you want to add any of the following services to your family’s care plan.

Carer with car or licence

We can find you a carer who can drive, and who can bring their car to your loved one’s home. £40- 80 weekly

Spousal support

We’ll find a carer who can help your loved one’s partner with light domestic duties. £80 weekly

Managed food budget

We can help you manage your carer’s daily food budget. £30 weekly 

It can be difficult to know exactly what plan is right for you. Book a free consultation with one of our care planning experts to get an individual quote.