Elder live-in care plans cater for simple to complex needs. It means you only pay for the support your family needs.

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Our live-in care plans are all about putting your family in control. We understand care can feel expensive. But our pricing makes live-in care as affordable as possible by ensuring your family only pays for the support you actually need.

Pick the plan that’s best for you, and decide if you want or need any additional extras. We’ll then get to work finding the ideal care professional to match your loved one’s needs.

Specialist live-in assistance for Mum

“My mum’s dementia had been deteriorating quite rapidly and this meant she was suffering mood swings and refusing medication. With Specialist Live-in Care from Elder, there was always someone there I trusted to make sure she was ok, truly life-changing.”

Caroline, Berkshire

Picking a plan

We have three plans that cater for a range of needs. Whether your loved one simply needs the company of a friendly face, requires expert support, or has more complex requirements, we can help. Simply choose the option that works best:


For those who need some assistance to live the life they want. From £895 weekly.


For those with challenging requirements, like peg feeding or stoma. From £945 weekly.


For those with more extensive needs, requiring day-and-night support. From £1450 weekly.

Standard live-in care

Recommended for: Those who need some support with household tasks and assistance around the home, as well as companionship.

This plan includes the following:

Household tasks and maintenance

Personal care including assistance with dressing and grooming

Some night-time care, typically twice a night or less


With Standard, the carer may also be able to help with some limited additional needs such as more extensive personal care or help with challenging behaviour, depending on what is involved.

Care for one person: £895

Care for two people: £1025

Specialist live-in care

Recommended for: Those who need a bit more personal support, especially during the night. Or those who are living with dementia or other life-changing conditions.

This plan can include some (but usually not all) of the following:

Household tasks and maintenance

More extensive personal care, including help with a stoma, peg or catheter

More frequent night-time care, up to 3-4 times a night

Hoisting – provided it can be done by one person

Help with challenging behaviour, such as refusal to take medication

Carer breaks to work around the care schedule

With Specialist, we’ll assess each individual case and the level of care required based on meeting your family’s needs.

Care for one person: £895

Care for two people: £1850

Advanced live-in care

Recommended for: Those in need of significant support, throughout the day and night. Typically, for those with advanced needs, who require continuous and specialist assistance.

This plan will usually include most, or all, of the following:

Two live-in carers for round-the-clock help

Household tasks and maintenance

More extensive personal care, including help with a stoma, peg or catheter

Extensive, frequent night-time care

Hoisting that requires more than one carer

Help with challenging behaviour, such as refusing support or meals

Carer breaks designed so that there’s never a gap in support

With Advanced, there will be two carers on-hand to help around the clock. This is usually designed for those with highly advanced requirements who need constant care 24-hours a day.

Care for one person: £1450

Additional options

As well as deciding on a plan, you should also consider whether you want to add any of the following services to your family’s care plan.

Carer with car or licence

If you need a carer who can drive or to bring a car with them. – £40-80 weekly

Spousal support

If the carer is also helping another resident with light domestic duties. – £80 weekly

Managed food budget

If you’d like us to help manage the carer’s daily food budget. – £30 weekly

Customer snapshots

Whether it’s getting up on the dance floor, forming lasting friendships or offering complete peace of mind to loved ones, a live-in carer can be transformative. These videos include families discussing why they chose 24-hour care at home and how it was arranged, as well as snapshots of how those receiving care find it.

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