November 2022 – Carer of the Month


Betty joined Elder in March 2018 and has continued to deliver excellent care ever since. She has provided 75 weeks of care through our platform and is currently on the silver tier of our loyalty programme.

On behalf of everyone at Elder HQ, congratulations, and thank you for your hard work!

“On Saturday morning, I received an OOH call from Betty’s daughter, Betty’s son had died, and her daughter couldn’t get a hold of her mother to pass on the sad news. I tried to get a hold of Betty but also couldn’t reach her. I eventually spoke to her on Sunday morning just before 9 am, and she was, of course, devastated. 

She currently cares for 2 CRs, a husband and wife. She said even after such sad news, she had managed to pull herself together for the CRs and get their breakfast sorted. We managed to find a replacement carer who would come at 1 pm. Betty stayed until 1 pm looking after the CRs because they couldn’t be left alone, despite just discovering her son had died suddenly. Her duty to the CRs and their well-being took over, and she stayed professional despite the serious situation in her personal life. I think she at least deserves carer of the month for that.”

– Nominated by Elder HQ

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