March 2022 – Carer of the Month


Denise joined Elder last June and has been with her current client ever since. Denise has provided more than 200 days of care through the Elder platform. Take a look at her nomination below.

On behalf of everyone at Elder HQ, congratulations, and thank you for your hard work!

‘Peggy, our Mum – a generous, humorous octogenarian started to decline with Alzheimer related issues in Lockdown 1, resulting in a decision to engage live-in care in Jan 2021. With recent/short term memory failing rapidly and anxiety being an increasing issue, we need a special sort of carer capable of providing care, companionship & continuity. After a few mixed results, we engaged Elder who proposed Denise to us in June 2021 and she has been with us ever since as a key member of ‘Team Peggy’.‘

‘Denise enhances Mum’s life. In some cases this involves driving Mum 40 miles for family visits and pub meals. On other occasions she collects one of Mum’s friends for tea parties or dinner, allowing the ladies to have a good catch up and natter. Denise engages Mum in craft projects such as making Christmas or Easter decorations and has played a full role in refreshing Mum’s wardrobe with suitably cheery, well priced additions, combining this with ‘pamper days’ when practical.‘

‘A few weeks ago Mum looked at the newspaper and remarked that the date was her wedding anniversary. They reminisced about the wedding day and life with Dad. Denise then went out to buy flowers matching the colours of her bouquet and returned to cook her her typical anniversary meal.‘

‘Clearly going beyond the normal boundaries – there was even a case when there had been a problem with the car; rather than pushing the problem back for us to sort at a distance, she researched local garages, their reputations and prices before making her recommendations to us. This was eased further by her even having haggled the price down for branded tyres!‘

‘So, definitely not your typical carer, definitely a most appreciated part of ‘Team Peggy’.‘

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