March 2023 – Carer of the month


Julie joined Elder in February 2022 and has continued to go above and beyond since. She has provided 31 weeks of care through our platform and is currently on the gold tier of our loyalty programme.

“Julie’s care for my mother in the 12 months she has been her carer has been exceptional. She is cheerful – ensuring that even a mundane trip to the toilet, which is not an inconsiderable journey for a 97-year-old with mobility issues, is carried out with a smile.”

“When mum felt unwell with a bad cough, Julie tempted her appetite with small, well-cooked portions and helped her to communicate with the doctor. She ensured Mum’s 97th birthday was celebrated in style, baking her a magnificent cake with a special message in the icing. This is probably the best cake Mum has ever had. Mum was extremely touched. 

When Mum needed a new wheelchair, Julie took the trouble to research the options, and she and the family liaised closely as to what would work. She coaxed Mum into trying a blanket frame to relieve pressure on her legs overnight. More recently, she and Mum chatted about songs Mum had always enjoyed, and she helped to create a special playlist for her. 

When Mum was asked to go to the hospital for a chest x-ray in February,  Julie was there, and my mother’s gratitude was palpable. The experience of waiting all night for an ambulance was made bearable because of Julie. Despite increasing frailty, she never underestimated Mum’s sharp intellect and desire to hold on to her independence.

On Mother’s Day, our mother took ill. She died suddenly but very peacefully while Julie was away on a well-deserved break. Julie will be mentioned in the funeral service eulogy for her particular kindness and compassion – qualities that are so important at every time of our lives and perhaps even more so in the later years. She made our mother’s final year a very calm and happy one.”

– On behalf of everyone at Elder HQ, congratulations, Julie. Thank you for your hard work and for making a positive difference in people’s lives.

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