Carer of the month – Anna

Find out why Anna was chosen as the Carer of the Month, February 2022. 


Anna is an incredibly kind person, the kind of person that puts her everything into what she does.

Always looking to find ways of improving quality of life and reflecting on what she was doing.

Working with the family so closely and passionately.

Gives 100% all of the time. She took care to another level. We have had good carers before, but she truly believes in what she is doing. She came at the right time and the stars aligned, she knew what we were trying to achieve.

She is a special sort of person who is prepared to do it our way whilst facilitating our relationship with Mum as she deteriorated.

Mum has recently passed away but Anna made sure she was in comfort for as long as she could be.

Nominated by Sarah, recent customer with Elder

From everyone at Elder, congratulations Anna!

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