February 2023 – Carer of the month


Sophia joined Elder in October 2021 and has continued to go above and beyond since. She has provided 32 weeks of care through our platform and is currently on the gold tier of our loyalty programme. 

Sophia - Carer of the Month Feb 2023

“Simply, Sophia knows what to do. But of course, it’s more complex than that. Sophia has an intuitive way with mum that is difficult to put into words.”

“Sophia was on a well-deserved break when Dad died. Mum’s grief was visceral, and we saw changes that were distressing for her and her children. Sophia returned from Jamaica and attempted to return to Dorset earlier than scheduled to attend Dad’s funeral. The chaos on the trains meant that Sophia unfortunately missed the event. However, her return was notable – not only by us but Mum’s reaction to her was also significant. Mum may have struggles remembering, but her body had remembered Sophia. There was a calming and mum finally settled from the disruption of Christmas.

Her softness, empathy and love for this old lady means that mum constantly feels safe and secure. There are times when Sophia has to be positively assertive, and this way is effective- but the respect never changes. The eye contact and smile that encourages mum to stand and move are magical and consistent.

On top of this, we have been grieving Dad and are worried about Mum. Sophia has become a support to us too – finding the words or a hug when we have been upset. Observing and adapting to the different members of the family, their personalities and quirkiness. Sophia deserves this award not only because of her commitment to Mum and the family but also because of her integrity and humility. If we don’t shine a light on what she does and what she has achieved, she is unlikely to see it as clearly as we see it.”

– Nominated by a customer

On behalf of everyone at Elder HQ, congratulations, Julie. Thank you for your hard work and for making a positive difference in people’s lives.

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