Carer of the Month: Joy Francis

Joy joined Elder in the Summer of 2018. Since then, she has provided nearly seventy weeks of care for nine families. Most recently, she was the companion and caretaker for Steve’s mother, whose life ended on the 5 January 2021.

She’ll be attending the funeral with the family on the 5th of February, to pay her respects for her dear friend. Here’s the heartwarming nomination from Steve for Joy, January’s Carer of the Month:

‘In a month that has seen my mother’s health suddenly deteriorate and enter the “end of life” phase, Joy has been brilliant! She has been extremely compassionate, considerate and tender in the way that she has cared for my mother during this period. She is forever thinking of ways to make my mother comfortable and feel as well as possible.

Examples have included trimming her nails, brushing her hair, putting some of my mother’s favourite perfume on her, and gently rubbing her hands whenever she thinks they are cold. She is always very kind and gentle in the way that she always tells my mother what she is going to do to her before she does it. Over and above all of this she has clearly gone the extra mile – on the night that my mother was transferred downstairs to a hospital bed, Joy was so concerned that she slept on a mattress on the floor by the side of my mother’s bed so that she could keep a close eye on her!

In addition to all of the above, Joy has always maintained a very professional approach; she has clearly drawn on her previous experience, paid attention to detail and, even though she has been very busy, always communicated effectively with me and kept the family involved at every stage. She has remained courteous and respectful throughout.

Joy clearly demonstrates that she truly cares in the broadest sense of the word and has cared for my mother as if she were her own mother; she is, without doubt, a credit to the caring profession, and I have no hesitation in nominating her for this special award.


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