Carer of the Month: Chiyedzo (Eileen)

Chiyedzo joined us this September 2020 and was selected as November’s Carer of the Month because of the lovely words from the customer.

We have been delighted with the speed at which Chiyedzo fitted into Mum & Dad’s life. This placement is our first experience of live-in care and the difference in mum in particular has been wonderful, we have seen the past stress dropping away from her shoulders. 

Chiyedzo loves a laugh with them both and takes such care to make sure they both feel happy and safe. Meals are always just what they like and served promptly – don’t know how she juggles everything on time! 

When Chiyedzo helps my dad to eat it’s really heartwarming to see. The three of them watch tv together and discuss current affairs. She jokes with them and hearing their laughter is wonderful. It’s clear to see they are very fond of her already. 

Just knowing that Chiyedzo is there and so experienced and capable has made us all as a family happier and more relaxed. She gives us a discreet heads up on anything which is worrying mum or that is worrying her about them both.

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