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Elder carers provide the highest standard of 24-hour live-in care right across the UK, enabling your loved one to remain safely in the comfort of their own home.

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24-hour Live-in Home Care: What's the Cost?

With an increasingly ageing population, there is a huge demand for elderly care services. More and more families are looking at alternatives to the care home model, as older people who are accustomed to living independent lives reject the idea of moving away from their much-loved homes.

What Is 24-hour Live-in Home Care?

Live-in, 24-hour care at home is when a professional carer moves into your loved one's home with them and provides support to enable them to remain living independently, whatever their physical condition.

How Does 24-hour Care Work?

We are fortunate to have a variety of care options available for us to provide better care for our loved ones, depending on their circumstances. Each variant offers a level of care particular to a specific need, such as care at home, elderly care, dementia care and companion care.

When Does Your Loved One Need 24-hour Live-in Care?

If your loved one is struggling to perform household tasks such as cleaning, shopping and cooking, or having difficulty with bathing, dressing or toileting, he or she will certainly benefit from help in the home via 24/7 live-in care.

24-hour Live-in Care: Is It a Good Idea?

Many older people have lived in their family home for years - it is their base, the place they feel safe and secure. There is a great deal to be said for them being able to stay in a long-standing home, full of familiar things that represent their life history.

How to Find a 24-Hour Live-In Carer

If your loved one needs someone to help with their care needs, it can be advantageous to find a live-in carer. Not only will the carer be able to support them with their physical needs, but they can also offer emotional support and companionship.

What Are the Benefits of 24-Hour Live-in Care?

24-hour care is an ideal solution for elderly people who wish to remain living in the comfort of their own home. Whether your older relative has medical needs that require a high level of support, or they are lonely and would benefit from a constant companion, at-home care is a cost-effective option.

Care Homes Vs Nursing Homes - What's the Best Option?

At some point, your loved one may reach a stage where they require 24-hour care. The majority of us will need elderly care at some point, and the decision about where your elderly relative lives is very important. There are now numerous options available, including care at home, care homes and nursing homes.