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Elder’s expert care professionals provide vital support for older people in the UK living with mental health issues.

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Mental health is one of the most serious care areas in Britain today and this is just as true for older people as anyone else. There are thousands of people up and down the country living with conditions such as depression and anxiety, which can have a serious impact on their physical health, happiness and general wellbeing.

Elder’s specialist live-in carers provide vital help and support to people throughout the UK living with mental health ailments, whether this involves helping them to attend counselling appointments or simply providing company when times are hard. To learn more about our care services and how they could help your loved one, you can get in touch with our team below.

Choosing Elder mental health care

We provide carers in your area that fit your loved ones specific needs. Get in touch with our team directly to learn more about our mental health and depression care for elderly people.

Specialist care plans

We work with your family to create bespoke care plans that fit your loved one’s specific circumstances and how they may progress

Round the clock support

You can contact our team by phone or email during the day or at any time via our dedicated online support chat service

Qualified, caring professionals

All of our carers are vetted for care and emotional skills to ensure they are the right person for your family’s needs.

To book a free consultation with our team and to see how we can help an elderly relative living with mental health issues, click the link below.


What our customers say

Colin and Dulcie’s story

Dulcie is 100-years-old and lives with her son Colin, his wife Mary, and her Carer Sarah. She has dementia and has had full-time live-in care for six months. We talk to the family about the challenges of finding the right care solution for a fiercely independent woman – and how the positive benefits of live-in care with Sarah has transformed all of their lives.

Living with Live in Care: Dulcie's Story

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Specialist mental health care in the home

At Elder, we understand that receiving full-time care can be a stressful process, particularly for elderly people living with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. That is why all of our care plans take place in the home, to ensure that your loved one feels as safe, secure and comfortable as possible, while receiving valuable company and mental health support.

Affordable care for those who need it most

Our live-in care pricing starts at just £1225 per carer, per day and we offer full transparency around every area of our cost and payment processes. Consultations are free of charge and our staff are on hand to take you through all the details of our elderly mental health care plans and how we can help you find the perfect live-in carer for your family’s needs.

Local carers that can start soon

As part of our process, we present you and your loved one with carers who don’t just suit what the care recipient needs skill-wise, but also emotionally and geographically. We strive to ensure that your chosen carer can start work with 48 hours, fully up-to-speed with what is required. All of our carers are fluent English speakers to ensure that your loved one has everything they need to live happily and healthily.

Frequently asked questions

What does mental care involve?

While some mental health conditions require medication or medical treatment, our carers aren’t permitted to administer these treatments themselves. They will, however, remind the care recipient of when they need to take any prescribed medication or administer themselves with treatments such as injections.

Our mental health care plans are bespoke to the specific needs and conditions of the older person in question. This can include physically helping them with household tasks such as cooking, cleaning and going to the toilet, should their condition hinder their ability to do this themselves.

On a basic level, our carers can provide a vital source of company, conversation and support to older people who feel scared, isolated or unable to cope with the world around them. We run a full consultation process prior to beginning a care programme to make sure we understand every area of the care recipient’s needs.

Can I get local authority help to pay for live-in care?

Some people are eligible to receive funding and payment support for their elderly loved one based on personal circumstances.

To find out if you are eligible, you need to contact your local authority to organise a care assessment, which will look at the medical and financial health of the care recipient. If the combined value of their liquid assets is less than £23,250, then they may be eligible to have their care either subsidised or fully covered.

Our team can help you through every stage of the care assessment process. Simply get in touch so that we can show you how.

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