Live-in care your family will love

Full-time home care from a specialist carer who moves in to the home.

Live-in care is chosen by thousands of families across the UK

The days are gone where you had to settle for a care home in your later years. With live-in care, you get all the help you need but keep control, choice and independence over your own life, in your own home.

Independent at home

Your loved one gets the care and support they need but keep their own life, in the home they belong.

Truly personal care

We match your loved one to a dedicated live-in carer based on individual needs and personality.

Anywhere, anytime

Wherever you live, right across the UK, we can provide a home carer in as little as 48 hours.

Home care where you’re happiest

97% of us want to stay in our homes when we get older. With live-in care, you’re able to do just that.

A dedicated home care professional moves in to help with everything from personal care to household tasks. Doing everything to ensure you or your loved one are safe, comfortable and happy in your own home.

Dulcie’s live-in care story

__Dulcie is one of our longest serving customers. She explains how live-in care gives her an extra lease of life.__

Living with Live in Care: Dulcie's Story

We’re a specialist introductory agency

As the UK’s leading introductory live-in care agency, we help match your loved one with a carer most suited to their needs and circumstances.

Our status means, rather than employ the carers we work with, your carer will be self-employed, carefully selected from the Elder network of care professionals.

The result is you’re more closely involved, managing the care on a day-to-day basis. Of course, if there’s ever an issue, all you have to do is call us.

Find out more about what our status means for you here.

Meet the home carers

The live-in carers we work with are stringently vetted, expert professionals. We meet them all face to face to ensure they have the skills, experience and character to do the job exceptionally.

Ordinary people doing an extraordinary job

Here are three lovely home carers we work with

Those we work with come from all walks of life. And they’re all united by a genuine desire to have a positive impact on the lives of others.

But each have their own unique reasons for joining the live-in care profession. Here are some of their stories:


Caroline joined Elder in 2017, fulfilling her personal ambition of supporting people make the most of later life. Read more.


Jillo is a live-in carer because, for her, there’s no better feeling than contributing to the world in a positive way. Read more.


Catherine, a home carer for 20 years, moved from hourly to live-in. It was the best decision she’s made. Read more.

Live-in care you can trust

A full Disclosure and Barring Service check.

A good level of spoken and written English.

A rigorous in-person interview and assessment.

An average of six years in the care profession.

Want to meet more of the professionals we work with?

Read more carer stories here.

Paying for home care

When you’re working out how to pay for care, understanding the costs involved and the funding streams available is essential. We’re here to help.

Cut through the complexity of care funding

Funding home care can be simple

Arranging care is stressful. The last thing you want to worry about is money. We support you put funding in place from the following sources:

NHS personal budgets

If you’re entitled to continuing healthcare funding, in England, you could pay for live-in care with a personal health budget. Read more.

Council direct payments

After your care needs assessment and means test, you could be entitled to pay for home care with direct payments. Read more.

Equity release schemes

If you’re not eligible for state assistance, you or your loved one can use the value of your home to cover the cost of care at home. Read more.

Want to find out more? Get an estimate of your eligibility for different care funding streams.

Try our care funding calculator here.

The right care for you

Everyone’s live-in care needs are different. That’s why we work with a variety of specialist care professionals. From intensive dementia care to friendly companionship care, we’ll work with your full family to match you with the most suitable home carer.

Support for a huge variety of care needs

What type of care?

Frequently asked questions

Can I meet the carer before they arrive?

We’re unable to arrange for an in-person meeting with the carer before they arrive. This is because the carers we work with come from all corners of the United Kingdom. However, before you confirm your carer, you’ll receive their full profile and an introductory video. Once you’ve confirmed your carer, we are able to help arrange call.

How long does the carer stay at a time?

The carer moves into the spare room, where they’ll remain on hand to support your loved one for an average of four weeks at a time. During the period they’re taking a break, we’ll arrange for a secondary carer to step in. This is usually for a period of one to two weeks.

How quickly can everything be arranged?

Whether your loved one is being discharged from hospital, or your family circumstances have changed quickly, we’re able to respond quickly. Wherever you are in the country, we’re going to be able to put care in place within 48 hours of your call.

What facilities will the carer need?

Your home carer will need a spare room and will expect a similar standard of accommodation as if they were renting the room. Before their arrival, you should aim to prepare the spare room so it’s a comfortable space in which your live-in carer can retire to.

Do Elder provide carers with training?

As an introductory agency, we’re not permitted to provide carers with training. Instead, we only work with those who have had at least one-year professional care experience. We also undertake a stringent vetted process and in-person assessment to ensure they’re suitable.

Will I need any specialist equipment?

The equipment you require depends completely on your situation, to help understand what home modifications you may need, we’ve put together this guide. However, during a conversion with one of our care planning team, they’ll be able to recommend to point you in the right direct. Read our guide on mobility and independence here.

Do you offer respite care?

Yes, our shortest minimum period of coverage is one week. If you’d like to arrange temporary care, simply the hit the button in the top right-hand corner of the page, and enter your details. One of our team will call you back within 24 hours.

Can I use local authority funding?

Yes, to find out more about the cost of care, read our comprehensive guide to funding here.

Is care from Elder the same as with a fully-managed company?

No, you can get more information on the difference between introductory agencies like Elder, and fully-managed companies here.