Who we are

We’re the UK’s leading live-in care specialists, providing the alternative to the care home.

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You shouldn’t have to go to a care home unless you want to

Getting older shouldn’t mean sacrificing the control, choice and independence that make you who you are. You should be able to keep the life you know and love, all while getting the care you need.

There’s no place like home

Your home is where you feel most comfortable. It’s where you store your memories, as well as where you keep your things. It’s part of who you are. You should be able to stay there, whatever support you need.

Freedom is not just a word

We put ourselves in the shoes of those we help. You’ve worked hard all your life. You may have raised a family. You deserve to live your own life, on your own terms in your own home. Free to do what you like.

Family always comes first

There’s no underestimating the importance of family. It should always come first. You should be able to see those closest to you throughout your life. When care is put in place, everyone should get their lives back.

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Let your loved one stay in their own home, continue to see their friends and family, and maintain the hobbies and interests that make them who they are. All while getting the care you need, from a carer matched on needs and personality.

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