Who are Elder’s clinical team?

Elder’s clinical team comprises of social workers and registered nurses, and provides clarity on a range of care topics. Working closely with our customer support teams they ensure live-in care can be facilitated safely and appropriately, and that we remain person-centred in everything we do.

Alexis Cable

Director of clinical and commercial operations

Alexis is a registered social worker who is experienced in management in health and social care as well as direct clinical social work practice with vulnerable adults and their families. Her experience spans both the US and UK. She brings a holistic strengths-based system approach to her practice and has specialised in the care of older adults, with particular focus on those with cognitive impairment and other complex conditions. 

Prior to joining Elder as our Head of Clinical, Alexis was a Dementia Service Manager for a London based home care provider. Here, she was responsible for the management and development of the dementia care service. This included direct management of the dementia care team, conducting case consultations and crisis management, and providing both practical and emotional support to clients and their families. 

Alexis completed her MBA at London Business School in 2021 with a focus on organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship, and strategy.

As Head of Clinical at Elder, Alexis sets the high standards that underpin our services. Her team performs in-depth reviews of customer care requirements to ensure live-in care is and remains the most appropriate and safe care option, and provides advice to families where needed. The clinical team works closely across the business to ensure safety and trust remain at the centre of Elder.

Social Work England Registration no.  SW109984

Nasra Ismail

Clinical lead nurse

Nasra is a Registered Nurse with 6 years of experience across the NHS in acute cardiac services and emergency care, as well as private healthcare including Safeguarding incident management. Nasra has worked in fast-paced areas, with her main roles and responsibilities including maintaining a high quality of care and patient safety, care planning and implementation, and implementing local and national guidelines around safeguarding. 

Before joining Elder, Nasra worked for a private healthcare company, and a leading speciality pharmacy specialising in delivering healthcare solutions to individuals with cancer, chronic illnesses and rare diseases. Nasra’s role included acute and oncology triage, motivational interviewing and coaching for specialist medications (biologics) and safeguarding incident management. 

Nasra completed an MA in Safeguarding Adults: Law, Policy and Practice in 2021.

NMC Registered


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