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of applicants become Elder care professionals


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Carers at Elder

This is Fay

5 years experience
NVQ Level 4 in Care

Fay has plenty of experience helping individuals with dementia. The best part of her job she says, is being able to connect with the people she looks after.

When it comes to finding the best carers for our customers, we take the whole process very seriously. Here’s how:

  1. The initial assessment

    All Elder carers make an online application where they must outline their experience, qualifications and other types of training.

    Our carers apply online and must outline experience, qualifications and types of training
  2. The care exam

    If we're happy with their application, we ask the carer to fill out a care test detailing various scenarios and ask them how they would respond.

    If we accept their application, the carer is tested on their experience and competence
  3. The interview

    We then invite the carer in for an interview. This is a chance for us to meet them face-to-face and we ask them to bring any relevant paperwork along too.

    We then invite the carer for a face-to-face interview where they bring relevant paperwork
  4. Safety first

    Elder wants you to feel safe at home. We always run background checks on all carers we work with and ultimately ask ourselves, would we let this person look after our mum?

    Safety is our primary concern and we run extensive background checks on all our carers

Elder's checklist

When it comes to selecting carers, your safety is always our top priority.

That’s why we take time in getting to know each and every one.

Elder supports professional carers with a fair and decent wage.

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