Elder carers

Ordinary people doing a truly extraordinary job.

An expert you can rely on

It takes a lot to let a stranger into your home. We understand they have to be someone you can trust. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure all the self-employed carers on our platform are of the highest standard.


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Why they care

Some of the carers working with us talk through why they got into the profession, and why it works for them. For many, becoming a care professional starts with a personal experience of supporting someone they love.

Only carers you can trust

We take the standard of your carer seriously. From official checks and in-person assessments to the simple, most effective question ‘would I let this person look after my mum?’ With Elder, you know you can trust them.

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The professionals we work with join the profession for a huge variety of reasons. But they’re all united by a common desire to do something that makes a difference. Read some of their stories below:

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