Meet the carers

Live-in carers are ordinary people doing a truly extraordinary job.

People who love what they do.

Some of the self-employed carers working with us talk through why they got into the profession, and why it works for them. For many, becoming a care professional starts with a personal experience of supporting someone they love.

We leave nothing to chance. We treat your family’s care with the diligence we’d treat our own.

We take the standard of your carer seriously. From official checks, and face-to-face assessments, to the simple, most effective question ‘Would I let this person look after my mum?’ With us, you know you’re getting a carer who’s right for the job.

Situational judgement

Testing them to be confident they make the right decisions at the critical moments.

Character assessment

Making sure they have the caring, respectful manner to bring joy to people’s lives.

DBS / PVG background check

Checking their background to be completely sure you can trust them.

Professional references

To check they have the right experience in a professional capacity

Ordinary people doing an extraordinary job, united in their desire to make a difference.

The carers we work with join the profession for a huge variety of reasons. But they’re all united by a common desire to do something that makes a difference. Read some of their stories and experiences below.