Care funding calculator

Whether you're looking into residential care, domiciliary care, or something else, our care costs calculator is completely free to use and can help you get all the funding you deserve. Answer a few simple questions to understand your eligibility for local authority funding, NHS funding, and a range of state benefits such as Attendance Allowance.

This effective tools can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. While the true costs of care can vary, we can give you a clear indication of where you can apply for contributions for care fees. Simply answer a series of questions covering – 

Personal details

Basic information about the person needing care, including contact details, and information about their current living situation, and family relationships.

Care needs

Similar to a local authority care needs assessment, we’ll ask you a few questions to understand the level of support you need, e.g whether you need personal care, mental health care help with mobility etc. These details help us to give you an accurate estimate of your care funding options.

Financial situation

While we won’t go into the same level of detail as a local authority financial assessment, we will ask you some questions relating to the income, assets, and personal savings threshold of the person needing care.

Once complete, we’ll send your care funding estimate to the email address you provide. If we believe you may be eligible for a form of social care funding, we’ll also tell you what to do next in order to make an application. 

Is the Elder Care funding calculator right for me?

Is the cost calculator right for me?

Whether you’re just exploring care options or are already receiving support, our assessment helps you understand the care funding suited to your situation. It will provide accurate results provided you’re older than 65 and not currently living with someone other than your partner.

What information do we need?

Our care funding calculator will ask you questions about your needs, as well as some basic financial information. Together, this helps us understand which benefits and funding streams you’re most likely eligible for.

If you find you don’t have everything to hand once you’ve started, don’t worry. As long as you log on using the same device your progress will be automatically saved, so you can come back and complete the care calculator at a later date.

Elder care calculator - What information do we need?

Does it work for all UK nations?

Currently, our care funding calculator provides you with guidance across all local authorities within England. Unfortunately, at this time, we can’t guarantee the results will be suited to those living in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

For information on paying for care in Scotland, click here. 

How is my data used?

It’s important to us that your data is treated with respect. The information you provide will only be used to calculate your eligibility results and to provide you with assistance in your funding journey. For more information refer to our Privacy Policy.

From family to funding – we're here to help.

Big decisions need bespoke support. So, whether you’re ready to take the next step in arranging care, or are just wondering what to do next, give our friendly team a call. 

Discover care with more value

With Elder, you can invest in quality care, without unexpected extras.

No joining fees
No lengthy contract or exit fees
We only require a two week notice period
Up to 2x nightly wake ups includes
With both full-time and short-term live-in care
We accept both Local authority and NHS funding
A one week trial period
Cancel care anytime in the first 7 days, and only pay for the care you've received
No exit fees within cooling off period
No surcharges on Bank Holidays or weekends

Types of care

From respite care and live-in care to visiting care, discover more about the kinds of care Elder can arrange, and how much they cost. 

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