Carer stories: Heike Stead

Heike moved in to support a family that was apprehensive about the idea of live-in care. In a short time, she’s completely changed that.

She was nominated for Elder’s carer of the month by a Family Support Specialist on the customer’s behalf, because she had been absolutely phenomenal. The family had very low opinions of live-in care because of their prior experience, but as soon as Heike arrived, she went above and beyond to care not only for the care recipient but for the entire family.

The customer even referred to her as the ‘Angel of the North’. Not only did Heike stay up all night with the client with no complaints, make his favourite lunches, and help with his speech therapy after his stroke, she had to deal with some very unexpected situations. The family dog attacked the client, and Heike stepped in to manage his aftercare.

Heike also makes the effort with the client’s wife to ensure she’s well-rested and getting time to herself.  Heike was exactly what both the care recipient and customer needed with all the rest of the stress in their lives.

Here’s what he family had to say:

“Heike is staying with us until mid-December. We feel she’s part of our family and goes beyond all her duties, caring for all of us, recognising when we need that sit down and a cup of tea. She has encouraged my husband to become more independent whilst overseeing all daily routines such as washing and exercising.

Heike is a very caring person and has helped us immensely through this very difficult time, helping us to understand my husband’s condition. We wish she could stay forever. We love her generosity and sense of fun… AND her delicious home cooking. She will be greatly missed as we feel she’s part of our family.”

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