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Live-in care in Dudley

At Elder, we provide high-quality and affordable live-in care for the elderly and those in need throughout Dudley.

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What is live-In care?

Rather than moving your elderly relative into residential care, you could move a live-in carer into their home. The carer will make sure that your loved one is comfortable and safe, and will enable them to enjoy their current lifestyle with none of the upheaval that a move into residential care involves.

Could live-in care be a more suitable option for my loved one than a care home in Dudley?

Your elderly relative may be resistant to the idea of giving up their home, and moving into residential care. Such a move involves leaving behind familiar streets and faces, and adapting to a whole new way of living, surrounded by many other elderly people in an institutional setting. No matter how exclusive the care home, timetables are calculated to accommodate the needs of the majority of residents, and there is little room for manoeuvre for those who wish to pursue their own lifestyle.

A live-in carer is there to facilitate your loved one’s needs, so if they suddenly fancy a gentle stroll around Priory Park on a nice day, the carer will ensure that they can do just that. Spontaneous outings are not so easily accommodated in a care home setting, where rules and regulations govern the movements of residents. Your loved one may prefer the option of doing what they want to do, when they choose to do it.

Whether your elderly relative lives in Dudley itself, or one of the surrounding villages, such as Tipton, Cradley Heath or Brierley Hill, they will almost certainly enjoy visiting the regular market in the town centre. A live-in carer will ensure that they get there safely, and will accompany them, carrying their shopping bags and providing a helping hand.

What does a live-in carer in Dudley do?

Elder carers will perform a wide range of tasks, according to your loved one’s needs. From simply being on-hand to enjoy a chat over a cup of tea, to facilitating outings and social events, the carer will do whatever is necessary to make sure your loved one is comfortable and safe at all times.

Household duties are usually a large part of a caregiver’s daily duties. They will mop, hoover, dust and clean, take charge of the laundry, including ironing, and making the beds. Depending on your elderly relative’s mobility, they’ll undertake grocery shopping and cooking, ensuring your relative enjoys a nutritious diet with three balanced meals a day.

Medical appointments can be a little frightening, with a lot of information to take in. The carer will accompany your relative to meetings with their doctor or consultant, whether at the Surgery Central Clinic or Eve Hill Medical Practice, and will maintain prescriptions and collect them from Murrays Chemist on Cross Street, as needed.

We provide live-in care in Dudley and the surrounding areas

Our experience in training and vetting carers ensures that our care recipients always receive the best possible live-in care throughout Dudley and all of the West Midlands.

What our customers say

“It is reassuring to know that my father is being cared for by someone who understands his needs and his dementia symptoms.”

Patricia, UK

Who is live-in care in Dudley aimed at?

Any elderly person who needs company or assistance in their own home can benefit from live-in care. Elder carers can provide simple companion care for vulnerable older people who are nervous about living alone, through to more hands-on care for anyone with Parkinson’s disease or dementia, who might need help with personal care, such as using the bathroom, dressing and bathing.

Some Elder care recipients only require a period of respite care. This may be due to surgery or after a lengthy illness. Alternatively, perhaps you care for your loved one, and need a break for a holiday, for example. A live-in carer can help in these situations too.

Sometimes one half of a couple requires a level of day-to-day assistance that their spouse is unwilling or unable to provide. A live-in carer helps both members of the couple to cope with life’s challenges, providing a better quality of life.

The live-in carer will adapt their role according to the changing needs of their care recipient, providing more, or less, assistance as required. They will happily take a back seat to enable your loved one to take over tasks that they particularly enjoy, such as cooking, or gardening, but will step in to help whenever it’s needed.

How much does it cost for live-in care in Dudley?

The cost of Elder live-in care starts from £1225 per week, which compares extremely favourably with the cost of a place in residential care. In fact, you could reasonably expect to pay around 30% more for residential care, and even more if you are looking for a care solution for a couple.

Although Elder live-in care costs less than residential care, that doesn’t mean that we cut corners when it comes to the amount the carers who work with us earn. In fact, we aim for Elder carers to earn above the standard industry rates for their work, in recognition of the excellent service that they provide to their care recipients.

Where can I learn more about 24-hour home care in Dudley?

Here at Elder, we are absolutely passionate about empowering elderly people to enjoy life to the full, and we are always delighted to discuss our services with interested parties. Call us to discuss any aspect of our live-In care service – we will answer your questions and discuss your concerns, so that you can ascertain whether or not live-in care might be a suitable option for your loved one.

Our customer care advisors are on hand 7 days a week, between 8am and 8pm, so call today and see whether live-in care in their own home could work for your loved one.

Dulcie’s Care Story

In this short video, Mary and Colin explain how Dulcie’s live-in Elder carer, Sarah, has become part of the family. They discuss how live-in care has allowed Dulcie to stay independent in her own home, while making a new friend at the same time.

Living with Live in Care: Dulcie's Story

Useful Care Resources in Dudley

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

The council website contains helpful advice on a wealth of issues pertaining to carers, including how to obtain a carers’ assessment and financial support.

Email: [email protected]

Address: Council House, Priory Road, Dudley, DY1 1HF

Call: 01384 818723

We Love Carers

This charity runs initiatives to reduce carer isolation and ensure that everyone has access to the support and information they need.

Contact Form:

Address: Cable Plaza, 1st Floor, Waterfront W, Brierley Hill, DY5 1LW

Call: 07817 321072

Dementia Support Dudley

Experienced dementia support workers are on hand to provide information, practical support and guidance to people living with dementia and their carers.

Email: [email protected]

Address: Part Ground Floor, Castlemill Burnt Tree, DY4 7UF

Call: 0121 5213028

Dudley Carers Alliance

Dedicated to ensuring that carers and the people they care for have a voice in the local community, this organisation is a valuable source of support and advice for carers in Dudley.

Email: [email protected]

Call: 01384 818723

Age UK Dudley

Prioritising the health and wellbeing of older people and their carers, Age UK runs a range of initiatives including befriending services and drop-in wellbeing sessions.

Email: [email protected]

Address: 3 Dudley Court North, The Waterfront, Level Street, Brierley Hill, DY5 1XP

Call: 01384 354508

Dudley Carers Forum

Seeing the value in everyone, this peer-led forum provides expert advice and mentoring within a welcoming environment that brings carers together.

Email: [email protected]

Address: 48 Church Street, Silverend, Brierley Hill, DY5 3QN

Call: 01384 572404

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