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Live-in care is a relatively new way of providing elderly care which is becoming increasingly popular, not only in the Birmingham area but throughout the UK. If your loved one has care needs but they are reluctant to go into one of the care homes in Birmingham, Elder’s services can provide all the help and support they require.

Who is live-in care suitable for?

The beauty of this care solution is that it is suitable for anyone who needs full-time care but wants to stay in their own home. One of Elder’s trained carers moves into your loved one’s house and is there to look after them 24-hours a day so that they have the support to live life just as they choose.

In addition to providing support and assistance at home, Elder’s carer will also offer companionship to the older person, improving their quality of life. Whether care is needed for just a few weeks or indefinitely, Elder can help your loved one to carry on living in their own home, surrounded by family members, friends and neighbours as they always have been. This type of care also means that your relative does not have to give up other things that are important to them such as their garden, a pet or their treasured possessions.

What facilities will the live-in carer need?

Because the live-in carer will share your loved one’s home, they will require a bedroom of their own and the use of bathroom facilities. An internet connection will enable them to remain in contact with the management at Elder. If your loved one has a car and would like the carer to take them out in it, then the necessary insurance cover should be put in place. The carer will also cook for your loved one and eat the same food unless they have any special dietary requirements, in which case they will supply the items they need.

We provide live-in care in Birmingham and the surrounding areas

If you’re looking for a carer in Birmingham or any of the surrounding areas, give Elder a call to speak with one of our expert care advisors.


How will the carer support my loved one?

Carer support for an older person is flexible and depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. Elder will work out a personalised care plan for your loved one that includes details about all their care needs and how they would prefer those to be delivered.

In addition to providing any help that is required with aspects of personal care such as washing, dressing, toileting and mobilising, the carer will also carry out other tasks to support home life.

These include things like preparing meals, light housework, laundry and shopping that are essential in the running of the house, but that your loved one can no longer manage for themselves. If the care recipient enjoys shopping but needs help with this, the live-in carer will support them to carry on doing it for themselves.

If your relative wants to continue attending social events but needs help to do so, Elder’s carers will be happy to escort them, and can also accompany them on holiday if required. They will also ensure they attend other appointments such as those with healthcare professionals.

Interests and hobbies are an important part of life, and your loved one may need extra support to continue doing the things they enjoy. This is another area where companion care can give so much more than any other model of elderly care.

Elder’s carers are also chosen to match the person they are looking after so they can support your relative in their leisure activities as well as in the more practical aspects of life.

Can Elder provide dementia care in Birmingham?

Many of Elder’s carers are trained in specialist care and can support people living with dementia. If your loved one has dementia, you will be aware of the importance of maintaining a stable environment so that they do not become anxious or confused. Enabling people living with dementia to remain in their own familiar environment is one of the benefits of live-in care and can improve a person’s quality of life immeasurably.

Another advantage of 24-hour care at home for people with dementia is the continuity. Someone who is already feeling confused and vulnerable can be disturbed if they have to come into contact with a variety of different carers in the course of a day, as so often happens in residential care settings. Having a carer who is with them all the time and becomes a familiar part of their life can make a person living with dementia more settled and happy in their own home.

If your loved one requires specialist care, finding a private dementia carer is simple. Elder in Birmingham can help them to stay in the place they love best and feel safest in, while being supported 24-hours a day by a trained and professional carer.

Real life story: Colin and Dulcie’s story

Dulcie is 102-years-old and lives with her son Colin, his wife Mary, and her Carer Sarah. She has dementia and has had full-time live-in care for over two years.

We talk to the family about the challenges of finding the right care solution for a fiercely independent woman – and how the positive benefits of live-in care with Sarah has transformed all of their lives.


Care in Birmingham: Useful Resources

Adult Social Care – Birmingham City Council

The city council website provides information for both the elderly and carers to ensure transparent access to support, financial and care advice, and a range of health and wellbeing services.


Address: Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham, B1 1BB

Call: 0121 303 1234

Carers Trust Solihull, Birmingham

This charity provides free access to help, support and services to carers of all ages. Additionally, the trust is an excellent resource for information surrounding volunteering opportunities, fundraising events and training courses.


Address: Solihull Fire Station Annexe, 620 Streetsbrook Road, Birmingham, Solihull, B91 1QY

Call: 0121 788 1143

Ageing Better in Birmingham

Aiming to eradicate isolation, Ageing Better Groups work across 5 hubs in Birmingham, facilitating a series of community-focused events.


Address: Ageing Better, BVSC, 138 Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 6DR

Call: 0121 678 8876

Birmingham Carers Hub

Supported by Birmingham City Council, the Carers Hub offers services and support to carers in Birmingham, including talking support groups, carer training, and access to emergency advice.


Address: 76-78 Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, B73 5TJ

Call: 0333 006 9711

Age Concern, Birmingham

With 6 wellbeing centres across Birmingham, Age Concern provides advice and support for elderly people and their carers, as well as practical support and activities.


Address: 76-78 Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield, B73 5TJ

Call: 0121 362 3650

Care homes in Birmingham

When live-in care just isn’t an option, give your loved ones the support they need with a choice of the top local care homes in Birmingham. 

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