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Live-in Care in Falmouth

At Elder, we provide high-quality private live-in care for the elderly and those in need throughout Falmouth.

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What is live-in care?

Your elderly relative may not be coping so well in their own home, but they may also be resistant to the idea of downsizing, or moving into residential care. With the constant assistance of a dedicated live-in caregiver, they can continue to live in their own home. The carer offers unrivalled levels of help and support, allowing your relative to make the most of every day.

Would live-in care in Falmouth be better for my relative than a care home?

Falmouth is one of the warmest places in the UK, making it ideal for older people, who are more prone to feeling the cold. It also offers its residents a host of interesting places to visit, such as Enys Gardens, the National Maritime Museum and the beautiful Queen Mary Gardens, which are all pleasant places to while away an hour or two. With sandy beaches, the Fal River and bracing sea breezes right on the doorstep, it’s unlikely that your elderly relative would be keen to give up their freedom and independence in order to move into residential care.

Most care homes do arrange social events and even days out for residents, but there’s no such thing as a spontaneous outing, due to having to organise staffing levels and prepare risk assessments. With the help of a live-in carer, on the other hand, your loved one can decide that they would like to go for a walk through town on the spur of the moment, and the carer will ensure that this is exactly what they do.

Maintaining hobbies and interests is particularly important in old age, as it keeps the brain active. At Elder, we make a point of matching up the interests of the carer and their care recipient as much as possible, as we have found that this helps to foster a sense of friendship very quickly, and provides stimulation for both parties. So if your relative has a passion for all things maritime, for example, then we will source a caregiver who shares that passion.

Whether your relative lives in the town itself, or in one of the outlying villages, such as Penryn, Flushing or Treverva, the caregiver will make sure that they get out and about, enjoying all of their favourite social events and hobbies.

Elder provides live-in care across Falmouth and the South West

Whether your loved one is in need of Alzheimer’s care or specialist dementia care, or perhaps just needs a little help with daily tasks, we can help.

What our customers say

“The carer you sent me is fantastic. My mum loves her. She’s kind, caring and works as a team with me.”

Angela, UK

What tasks does a live-in caregiver in Falmouth take on?

An Elder carer will perform a range of household tasks to ensure that their care recipient’s home is kept clean and tidy. They will happily take charge of any aspects of household management that your loved one is no longer capable of doing, whether that’s hoovering, dusting or tackling the laundry and ironing.

If your relative has a real love for cooking, as an example, the caregiver will step back and allow them to take charge, only stepping in if asked to do so. The emphasis is on enabling your relative to live a full and interesting life, not to take over completely.

A live-in caregiver provides the reassurance of another adult presence in the home, which can be comforting, not just for your elderly relative, but also for the rest of the family, who won’t have to lie awake worrying that their loved one has had a fall, or has left the gas on.

Many Elder care recipients have complex health conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease or dementia, which progressively worsen over time. In these cases, the carer will offer more hands-on help, such as assisting with dressing, bathing and personal hygiene.

Rather than being helped by several different people during the course of a day, as is the case in most care homes, there is just one caregiver on hand, which is particularly helpful for preserving the dignity of your loved one, who may become confused when dealing with numerous different faces.

The caregiver is always on hand to accompany their care recipient to medical appointments, whether at Trescobeas Surgery or Falmouth Hospital. They will keep repeat prescriptions up to date, collecting them from Day Lewis Pharmacy, and will ensure that medicines are taken as directed.

Every Elder carer is trained in dealing with emergencies, so if your loved one should experience health problems at any time of the day or night, the carer will act promptly to ensure their safety and comfort, which gives you complete peace of mind at all times.

How much is it for live-in care in Falmouth?

At Elder, we believe in complete transparency, which is why our fee is a flat rate for live-in care, and we guarantee that you won’t find any unexpected charges or hidden costs on your Elder invoice. Our fee is £1225 per week, which lets you plan your budget well in advance, so you can comfortably plan for your loved one’s future care needs.

Most care homes charge around 30% more, so live-in care offers an affordable solution to the question of long-term care for your relative.

Where can I find out more about Elder care?

We have a friendly team of customer care advisors who are waiting 7 days a week to take your call, between 8am and 8pm. We understand that arranging care for your beloved relative is a stressful time, which is why we are happy to talk for as long as you need, allowing you to decide whether live-in care might be the best and most suitable option for your loved one’s needs.

Dulcie’s story

In this short video, Dulcie and her family explain her reasons for choosing Elder live-in care. They discuss how live-in care has allowed her to stay independent in her own home while making a new friend at the same time.

Living with Live in Care: Dulcie's Story

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