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Live-in care in Basingstoke

At Elder, we provide high-quality and affordable live-in care for the elderly and those in need throughout Basingstoke.

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Live-in care is one-to-one complex and personal care that is delivered at home. Unlike a nursing home environment, those choosing homecare stay living in their own home and have the carer move in with them.

There are many advantages to this arrangement, and more and more people across the UK are experiencing the benefits of live-in care. So, if your elderly parent or loved one has reached the stage in life where it is no longer practical for them to remain living alone, but they don’t want to move into a nursing home, live-in care could be the ideal solution.

Elder offers a nationwide live-in care managed service. We are dedicated to providing the best standard of live-in care across the UK and can come to you wherever are located.

Our expert team have years of experience and this shows in our service. It’s just one reason why we are one of the nation’s favourite live-in care providers.

What does a home carer do?

Their duties, while at the care recipient’s home, can include light housework, personal care, complex care and companionship. Just as in a residential home, they are there to care for and to keep your loved one safe.

They are not medically trained nurses, but most older people don’t need medical attention around the clock. Home care is all about supporting independent living and allowing the care recipient to stay living at home longer.

Their daily tasks may include helping your loved one with washing, dressing and using the toilet, cooking, cleaning and taking the care recipient out in the daytime. Being on hand for any emergency is a significant part of the job and the reason they stay in the home at night.

Making sure that the care recipient eats a healthy and balanced diet, gets enough to drink, and stays warm and safe, is also part of the job.

What are the advantages of live-in care over a care home environment?

For someone in later life, change can be difficult. Being asked to leave their home, where they’ve possibly raised a family, to move into an unfamiliar care home with strangers, is often unappealing. What’s more, it can feel like the end of a life. Saying goodbye to friends and neighbours, perhaps forever, and looking for a new home for a pet is an experience that no-one relishes. This is the main reason why living at home is a preferred option.

However, there are also other advantages for those choosing homecare. In a one-to-one care arrangement, care recipients receive personalised care from a trained carer who they know and trust. When they need anything at all, an extra blanket or a cup of coffee, all they need to do is ask.

But the greatest advantage to home care has to be the independence it affords the care recipient. Being able to have a say in what’s for dinner, and what the day holds, is an important part of independent living.

We provide live-in care in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas

Whether you’re looking for care for a relative or an elderly loved one, our highly skilled carers are available for 24 hour round the clock care. Elder provides live-in care services throughout the South East.

What our customers say

“It is reassuring to know that my father is being cared for by someone who understands his needs and his dementia symptoms.”

Patricia, UK

Enjoying live-in care in Basingstoke

Basingstoke is an old market town that is now a large bustling hub within the greater London area. During the war, the market town suffered very little bomb damage and became associated with safety. Many of today’s older residents have lived in the town since the end of the war.

The town is most well known for its shopping centre, The Malls, so if your elderly loved one enjoys a spot of shopping, then their live-in carer could accompany them to browse the wide variety of stores on offer in Basingstoke.

The centre of the town, known locally as The Top of Town, is the heart of Basingstoke and includes the town’s museum, which is housed in the former Town Hall. Residents can also find several unique and locally run shops here, as well as the Post Office. Besides The Anvil, residents can also attend shows at the Haymarket Theatre, and your older relative may like to take in a show with the accompaniment of their caregiver.

The town is also famous for the Basingstoke Concert Band, a traditional wind band that was established after World War II. The band holds year-round concerts in the town, and makes a fun and free afternoon if your elderly loved one enjoys listening to music. A trip into the centre of the town should hold no fear for your older relative if they have their live-in carer on hand to help them with any mobility issues and to keep them safe at all times.

Our care recipients tell us they are perfectly happy living in Basingstoke and feel well supported by both the transport arrangements here and the medical services. So, with a live-in carer to help them, there really is no need for your relative to leave this vibrant town.

How much does live-in care cost in Hampshire?

Hampshire can often be an expensive place to arrange nursing home or care home living. The high rates in the area, as well as the high level of demand, have driven prices up. However, Elder’s live-in carer is priced highly competitively.

At Elder, one week’s live-in care costs just £1225 .

For our customers living in the south of England, this can represent huge savings of up to 30% compared with the cost of care or nursing home fees, and for married couples who need care together, the potential saving is even greater.

Duclie’s care story

In this short video, Dulcie and her family explain her reasons for choosing Elder live-in care. They discuss how live-in care has allowed her to stay independent in her own home while making a new friend at the same time.

Living with Live in Care: Dulcie's Story

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