Elder care in Newcastle

Live-in care in the North East

No matter where you are living in the North East, live-in care with Elder is the perfect alternative to a care home.

At Elder we provide elderly care services and live-in dementia care in Durham, Newcastle and Wandsworth to name a few. Live-in care enables your loved one to receive the support that they require while enjoying the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

Areas across the North East that we cover:

Elder - finding you the right carer

Elder carers in the North East

Elder is a nationwide, dependable service, our carers have many years of experience as live-in carers or working within care homes in the North East. We ensure that our care recipients always receive the best possible standard of live-in care.

A care plan will be devised with consultation from relevant care professionals and your family. Working on a two week rotation and by moving in to a spare room in your relative’s home, your caregiver will provide the support that is required as well as forming a close bond with your loved one.


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Become a live-in carer with Elder in the North East

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional live-in carers throughout the North East. Live-in carers move into a spare room of the care recipient’s property and live with them as a companion assisting with everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning and personal care.

Our online application only takes a few minutes.

Every carer on the Elder platform is fully vetted

Fantastic support for my mum

” The carer you sent me is fantastic. My mum loves her. She’s kind, caring and works as a team with me. “

Angela, Manchester