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When the time comes for a loved one to require 24 hour care on a long-term basis, many people naturally think that care homes in Tooting are the only solution. However, research from Elder has shown that the majority of elderly people would prefer to stay in their own homes if possible.

This makes a lot of sense when you consider how unsettling it must be for those in later life to leave their familiar surroundings and community. Fortunately, there’s now a solution that means that your loved one can recieve affordable one-to-one care at home: live-in care from Elder.

Live-in care: The care home alternative

Your loved one deserves a high standard of care and with Elder’s live in care service you can rest assured that your parent, partner or relative can be looked after day and night by a trusted companion caregiver. Live-in care solves the common problem of care homes whereby care recipients often have so many carers, they’re constantly being handled by strangers. This can be very disconcerting for someone in later life.

A companion carer from Elder will move into a spare room in your loved one’s home so that for 24-hours a day, seven days a week, the carer is on duty and available to help your loved one with all their physical, personal and social care needs.

It has been proven now that, especially for those living with dementia, staying in the familiar surrounding of their own home is better for your loved one’s wellbeing.

As one of our care recipients famously said, “If you think moving out of home is difficult at 18, try doing it at 80!”. Elder exists for the sole purpose of providing a long-term care alternative to the care home, that means a better standard of life for your loved one, and peace of mind for you.

How does live-in care work?

Elder’s live-in carers in Tooting often work on an alternating shift basis, switching with another carer every two weeks. This means that your loved one is never left without one-on-one care and will also have the opportunity to get to know their carer well and to build a good working relationship with them.

Elder’s live-in carers provide varying levels of support depending on your loved one’s requirements. For example, your loved one may need their live-in carer to fulfil more of a companionship role to combat loneliness, and to remind them to take medication or accompany them on trips outside the home.

Alternatively, your loved one may need a higher level of care such as help with the more complex needs of someone who is living with Alzheimer’s, for example, or another form of dementia.

Independence in Tooting

If your loved one has lived in Tooting for a great many years, they may not want to leave the area they know well.

Furthermore, they may have been with a particular GP for a long time and built up a relationship with them, say at Tooting South Medical Centre or Grafton Medical Partners, for example. It can be challenging to have to deal with someone new at this stage in their life who is not familiar with their previous care.

The relationship with a GP is very important to many older people and having someone familiar who is aware of all their medical issues is reassuring. A live-in carer prevents this from being an issue, as your loved one will be able to stay with their own GP and pharmacist in Tooting.

What our customers say

“Judith is absolutely lovely and you could see the fantastic relationship she has with my mum. My mum’s smile nearly lit up the whole house when Judith arrived.”

A live-in carer will also be able to help your loved one get out and about when possible and appropriate. The neighbouring boroughs of Collier’s Wood, with two retail parks, or Wimbledon, with its famous common, are also within reach when your loved one has a live-in carer.

If your family member still likes to go out to get their shopping, then their live-in carer can assist them with this. Keen cooks can still have command over their own kitchens for as long as it is safe for them to do so, with the reassurance that there is someone there to help with heavy pans or to keep an eye on the stove.

Being separated from their beloved pet, as would often be the case if your elderly relative moved into a care home, can be a highly traumatic experience at the best of times, but it can affect those in later life even more profoundly.

If your loved one has pets but is no longer able to care for them alone, then the Elder live-in carer will ensure that any cats, dogs, goldfish or even birds are fed and well looked after.

The cost of care in Tooting

Elder’s live-in carers provide high-quality care for a flat rate of £795 a week, making one-to-one care a more affordable option in comparison to care homes which often charge up to thirty percent more that home care.

For couples the question of care can become even more complex - most care homes don’t cater for couples and in the worst cases they can be separated. This is not only highly distressing for the couple themselves, but can have serious financial implications for their families. With live-in care, couples can stay together and the cost benefits over a care home are substantial.

Elder only attracts the best carers in the industry by both being renowned for high standards and our fair pay policy ensuring our carers not only want to work with us but also stay with us.

Professional development is actively encouraged and supported, so carers are always honing their skills and finding better ways to support your loved one.

A live-in carer is more than just someone to look out for your loved one’s practical needs; they can provide important companionship and support as well as the more practical aspects of caring.

If you would like to learn more about the cost of care then please read our in-depth cost of care guide, which explains everything you need to know.

Great care for your loved one, peace of mind for you

Call us today to speak to one of our expert care advisors about care in Tooting. With a live-in carer, your elderly family member can remain in the home they love, with their own familiar routines and their personal possessions and still receive the very best of care for as long as they need it.

Our care advisors are available from 8 am until 8 pm, every day of the week, and will happily walk you through your options, payment plans and answer any questions you might have about what’s best for you and your family.

Dulcie's Care Story

In this short video, Mary and Colin explain how Dulcie’s live-in Elder carer, Sarah, has become part of the family.

They discuss how live-in care has allowed Dulcie to stay independent in her own home, while making a new friend at the same time.

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