What is live-in care?

If your loved one has reached a stage in their life where they need full-time care, their options are no longer limited to hospices, nursing homes, or care homes. Elder live-in care provides a great choice for your family member – they can stay in the comfort of their own home, while also receiving full-time, expert care from a dedicated live-in carer.

Elder live-in carers in the Highbury & Islington area are experts in their field, providing the high-quality care that your family member deserves, without removing them from their familiar surroundings.

How does live-in care work?

For our customers in Highbury & Islington, live-in care is often a better alternative to a care home, and up to 30% cheaper. Elder carers are highly professional and deliver a service tailored to suit the care recipient. A care home is simply unable to provide the same, dedicated, one-to-one support.

Elder live-in carers move into the care recipient’s own home, providing all the care that they need around the clock. The standard of care on offer ranges from simple companionship, helping someone to avoid loneliness, to the more complicated requirements of a person who is living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Put simply, Elder carers are for everyone who needs care. We’re able to tailor a bespoke care plan to the exact needs of the situation.

If your loved one is happy and settled in Highbury & Islington, facing a change when they need additional care can be upsetting and unsettling. With Elder’s live-in care service, you don’t have to choose between your family member being happy and settled in their own home and them receiving the care that they need.

When you’re trying to arrange care, the continuity of the carer is a big consideration, ensuring your loved one is being looked after by someone they feel completely comfortable with, and someone you trust. We understand. That’s why your loved one will receive care from one primary carer (usually for four weeks at a time), which will be supplemented by a secondary “respite” carer (for one week at a time).

We provide live-in care in Highbury & Islington and the surrounding areas of London

By providing live-in care services in and around London, we are committed to delivering the best possible level of care for your elderly relative.

Why is Elder care the best choice in Highbury & Islington?

Elder is a trusted, nationwide company that puts the needs of our care recipients first. Your loved one deserves dignity and respect at all stages of their life, and an Elder carer not only provides care but often becomes a trusted companion to those they care for. What’s more, elderly patients who are confined to care homes can deteriorate quite quickly, as moving can be unsettling and they can miss their homes, their friends and their own environment.

Islington Green or Canonbury Grove are both wonderful nearby oases of calm in a busy city, and with an Elder live-in carer to accompany them, your loved one will still have access to familiar haunts and be able to enjoy all the amenities of their local area.

Visits to museums, such as the British Museum, could be an option, or perhaps your loved one would prefer a trip to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Camden market or to relax in genteel Regents Park. When your loved one has an Elder live-in carer, all types of days out are possible.

What care does Elder provide?

With Elder live-in care, your loved one will benefit from a tailor-made care package that reflects not only their medical and physical needs, but also their emotional and psychological well-being. If your family member requires medication, this can be ordered and collected by the carer, meaning you don’t have to worry about important prescriptions being missed.

In general, the Elder carer will provide as much additional support as needed, undertaking household tasks such as cooking and cleaning, as required. Your loved one’s favourite activities are also taken into consideration. So, if a visit to the Emirates Stadium is an annual treat for a lifelong Arsenal fan, this can be noted in the care plan and arranged accordingly. If it’s something a bit closer to home, such as a spot of baking, then the carer can help in the kitchen as much as is required.

Elder carers will be happy to accompany your loved one on day trips, whether in their own car or a taxi. If your loved one has pets but is no longer able to care for them alone then the Elder carer will ensure that all animals are fed and well looked after. Of course, should your loved one’s care needs change over time, the Elder care package can be adapted accordingly.

What sets Elder apart?

With Elder, your loved one is given the undivided care and attention they deserve, meaning you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your loved one isn’t being failed at this stage in their life. No matter what level of care is required, an Elder live-in carer will be there for your loved one, keeping them safe in their own, familiar surroundings and ensuring their quality of life is not diminished.

Elder carers are fully supported and earn above the standard rates in the care industry, meaning we only work with carers of the highest standard. Elder carers often go on to form strong and lasting bonds of friendship and support with both their care recipients and their families.

How much does live-in care cost?

Standard live-in care with Elder is [live-in-price] per week. There are no hidden costs, and you’re free to add additional extras only if you want them, so you can plan your budget with confidence. The potential savings can be even greater if a couple need to be looked after together. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of care advisors who are available every day to answer any questions that you may have regarding your loved one’s care options.

Real life story: Colin and Dulcie’s story

Dulcie is 102-years-old and lives with her son Colin, his wife Mary, and her Carer Sarah. She has dementia and has had full-time live-in care for over two years.

We talk to the family about the challenges of finding the right care solution for a fiercely independent woman – and how the positive benefits of live-in care with Sarah has transformed all of their lives.

Care in Highbury & Islington: Useful Resources

Islington Age UK

Portal for Age UK services aimed at the elderly and their carers in and around Islington.

Email: gethelp@ageukislington.org.uk

Address: 6-9 Manor Gardens, Islington, London N7 6LA

Call: 0207 281 6018

Islington Adult Social Services

Local government gateway for elderly care services in the borough.

Email: access.service@islington.gov.uk

Address: Calshot Community Care Centre, 57 Calshot Street, London N1 9XH

Call: 020 7527 2299

Islington Carer’s Hub

A fantastic resource for anyone caring for an elderly person in Highbury and Islington. Links to support groups, dementia cafes and other services of interest to carers.

Email: info@islingtoncarershub.org

Freephone: 0800 085 1141

Call: 020 7281 3319

Highbury New Park Day Centre

Day care for elderly local residents with Alzheimer’s or any other type of dementia.

Address: Highbury New Park Day Centre, 127 Highbury New Park, Islington London N5 2DS

Call: 0333 4343 040

Highbury Roundhouse Pensioner’s Group

Every Tuesday – Friday the groups hosts a three-course lunch and fun activities.

Email: sothebymews@gmail.com

Address: Highbury Roundhouse, 71 Ronalds Road, London N5 1XB

Call: 0207 226 1421

Care homes in Highbury & Islington

Perhaps live-in care isn’t a suitable option for your relative or loved one, find the right support from a list of the top local care homes in Highbury & Islington.



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