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Live-in Care in Forest Hill

At Elder, we provide high-quality private live-in care for the elderly and those in need in Forest Hill and throughout all of London.

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Live-in care can provide the answer to the dilemma of how to find the best care for an elderly relative. If you are worried about a family member or they can’t manage to live independently any longer, there is an alternative to residential care. Most older people don’t like the idea of going into a care home, but Elder’s live-in service can supply all the care they need without them having to leave the home they love.

Why is live-in care in Forest Hill preferable to a care home?

Your relative can benefit from 24 hour care in their own home, on a one to one basis. This means they will never have to wait for care until the carer has finished attending to someone else, as they might in a care home. Because they get to know their caregiver well, they will also enjoy the companionship of someone who knows all their needs and how they like things done.

Moving into a care home can be a worrying and upsetting process for an older person, particularly if they are living with dementia and may not fully understand the situation. With live-in care, your family member will be able to stay in a familiar place and in the community where they have friends and neighbours.

Because Elder’s carers are highly trained and are experienced in caring for people with a wide variety of different needs, you can be confident that your relative will receive the care they need, however complex this may be.

Elder can provide one to one carers throughout Greater London, in Forest Hill and in neighbouring districts such as Sydenham, Brockley and Catford.

How does Elder one to one care work?

A unique care plan will be prepared for your elderly relative, tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Their carer will do what is needed to keep them safe and ensure they enjoy the best quality of life they can.

Daily tasks may include assistance with personal care such as getting up and going to bed, washing and mobilising. Because the care is targeted at meeting your family member’s individual needs, it will be different for each care recipient.

Our carers will also help around the house where necessary, perhaps shopping and cooking meals, washing and ironing or cleaning. Again, it will vary depending on the circumstances. If there are any changes, the care plan will be adapted so that your relative’s current needs are recorded.

Your elderly relative’s personal carer will also help them to access health care when needed, perhaps accompanying them to see their GP at the Vale Medical Centre or for dental treatment at Perry Vale Dental Practice. If your family member needs their medication collected from a local service such as Medicos Pharmacy, their caregiver will also ensure this is done.

How can live-in care enhance your relative’s life in Forest Hill?

If your elderly relative has been living alone, they may have been finding it increasingly difficult to get out in the neighbourhood. Having a caregiver who is always there to support them to do the things they enjoy in the local area can give your relative a real boost.

Your older relative may simply like to meet up with friends at a local cafe or community centre and their carer could support them to do this and to attend any activities they enjoy.

They may like to spend some time visiting the Horniman Museum and Gardens, where they can enjoy fantastic views over the capital, or perhaps have a quiet walk in the nearby Tarleton Gardens. A little further afield is Dulwich Park, with its interesting gardens and cafe.

There are so many places of interest to visit in this area of London, and with their personal caregiver around, your relative will be able to enjoy the area in safety.

We provide live-in care throughout all of London

Elder can arrange a live-in carer for your loved one in as little as 24 hours in London and the surrounding areas. Our highly skilled and compassionate carers are committed to providing the very best care to your elderly relative.

What our customers say

“The security and patience of live-in care has meant my mother has relaxed and her general disposition has improved to no end.”

Mark, UK

What other advantages are there to live-in care from Elder?

Our trusted service will enable your elderly family member to stay as independent as they can whilst still enjoying all the comforts of their own home. Elderly people often remain more physically active when they are in a familiar environment, and your family member is more likely to continue with their favourite activities.

Whether these activities involve dancing, gardening or any other form of exercise, our carers know the importance of remaining active in later years, they will support and encourage your relative to be as active as possible.

If your relative is a pet owner, they would probably have to be separated from their animals if they went into a care home. Live-in care can enable them to keep their pets, enjoying lower stress levels and the other well recognised health benefits that are linked to pet ownership. Their live-in caregiver will ensure that animals are fed and cared for if this has become difficult for the older person.

What is the cost of live-in care in Forest Hill?

Standard live-in care with Elder is £1225 per week. There are no hidden costs, and you’re free to add additional extras only if you want them, so you can plan your budget with confidence. Elder’s carers are paid at over the normal industry rates, meaning that we are able to work with the most highly experienced and best carers available.

What makes Elder the service of choice?

A passion for providing the highest possible standard of elderly care in the home and a commitment to tailoring the care to the individual care recipient mean that Elder’s service cannot be beaten.

Our care advisors are available every day from 8am until 8pm to answer any questions you might have. Give us a call to discuss your relative’s situation with no obligation.

Dulcie’s care story

In this short video, Dulcie and her family explain her reasons for choosing Elder live-in care. They discuss how live-in care has allowed her to stay independent in her own home while making a new friend at the same time.

Living with Live in Care: Dulcie's Story

Useful Care Resources in Forest Hill

Lewisham Council

Local council website offering plenty of information on resources available to older residents and their carers in Forest Hill.

Call: 020 8314 6000

Lewisham Council Adult Social Care

Plenty of information and links to local services, as well as support and advice for carers.

Call: 020 8314 6000

Lewisham Green Gym

For physically able elderly people and their carers who want to get fit outdoors whilst meeting new people and enjoying the benefits of green spaces in Lewisham and Southwark.

Email: [email protected]

Call: 01302 388 883

Calabash Day Centre for Older Adults

Social opportunities, befriending and activities for older adults with various health conditions. Advice, social and support services for carers, as well as the chance to meet other local carers.

Email: [email protected]

Call: 020 7378 3100

Age UK Lewisham and Southwark

Offers Stones End Day Centre, information and advice, community connections, and more.

Email: [email protected]

Address: Stones End Day Centre, 11 Scovell Road, London, SE1 1QQ

Call: 020 7701 9700

Advice Lewisham

A local advice and signposting service for residents who need help with any kind of public service problem – such as finding care support, elderly social opportunities, housing advice etc. Home advice visits are also available.

Address: Leemore Community Hub, Bonfield Road, London, SE13 5EU.

Call: 0800 231 5453

Carers Lewisham

Offering advice, training, guidance and support for local carers.

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: Carers Lewisham, Waldram Place, Forest Hill, London, SE23 2LB

Call: 020 8699 8686

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