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Live-in Care in Cardiff

Cardiff is a busy destination packed with facilities and attractions, so it’s not surprising that many older people may experience feelings of isolation, as they attempt to navigate what can be a confusing city. Until recently, if your elderly relative required care, they would have been faced with a stark choice: move into a care home or remain at home with some degree of support. However, now there is a third option.

Elder can organise live-in care designed to allow your loved one to remain in the familiar surroundings of their own home while ensuring they receive all the support and companionship that they need. This is a way of allowing an older person to retain some degree of independence, avoiding the disruption and upheaval associated with moving into a care facility. It also means that both the care recipient and their loved ones can relax in the knowledge that someone is there around the clock to deal with any problems.

Putting your mind at rest

If your elderly relative lives alone and requires assistance to carry out their day-to-day routine, you may be anxious about those times in the day when they are alone. Vulnerable older people, particularly those living with dementia, face a higher risk of coming to harm if they are left on their own for extended periods. A live-in carer offers the peace of mind of knowing that your loved one has someone to rely on around the clock.

Our services

Elder organises live-in carers, who move into your relative’s home and provide them with all the care they require. This includes personal support, as well as assistance with domestic duties such as preparing meals, ironing, washing, cleaning and shopping. One of the advantages of live-in care is the companionship that is also offered. Loneliness is something that further isolates older people, and Elder will carefully select the right carers for your relative in Cardiff to ensure they are compatible. This means that the companion care offered is akin to having a friend around to help with daily activities and to chat with over a cup of tea.

Mikis’ care story

In this short video, Nick and Maro explain their reasons for choosing Elder live-in care. They discuss how live-in care has allowed Nick’s father Mikis to stay independent in his own home while making a new friend at the same time.

Rotational system

Elder’s live-in carers typically work in pairs, each living in your relative’s home for a fortnight. This is the ideal way to ensure continuity of care at home, meaning that your loved one will get to know their two carers and won’t have to worry about strangers visiting their home to provide their personal assistance - a situation that is commonplace with other home care providers.

Bespoke care

Your elderly relative’s care plan will be written in consultation with the care recipient, members of their family and also any professionals involved in their well-being, such as their GP or community nurse. Your loved one’s wishes are central to formulating the care plan, to ensure that they continue to lead the life they want. They make specific requests about the way they like things done, and because the carer is present around the clock, there is no need to stick to an inflexible routine.

Supporting valuable relationships

A live-in carer can help with your loved one’s interaction with relatives and friends. The carer can offer help with communication, whether by letter writing, phone or the internet. Sometimes, your relative may require assistance with a favourite hobby or activity, and this too can be written into the care package.

At-home care

Most elderly people who require a level of care express the wish to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Being at home, surrounded by familiar things, can be vital to the quality of life for an older loved one. A dedicated 24-hour carer is a perfect answer to both security and independence for many.

Dementia care

If your relative is living with dementia, targeted at-home care can be invaluable in supporting them in their familiar environment. Moving out of their home and into a care home can be a distressing experience for a person with dementia, leading to high levels of confusion and anxiety. Elder offers live-in carers in Cardiff, experienced in dementia care. They possess the skills to deal with the everyday challenges presented by people with various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease. They are accustomed to communicating with and calming those who may be struggling to make sense of the world around them.

Live-in elderly care offers a range of benefits and is increasing in popularity. If you are looking for a way to help your loved one achieve a life that is of the highest quality possible, contact Elder to chat about their needs.

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