Live-in Care in Cambridge

At Elder, we provide high-quality private live-in care for the elderly and those in need throughout Cambridge.

If you are looking for the highest quality live-in care in the Cambridge area, Elder can provide the service you need. Many people find that their loved one has increased support needs as they grow older and requires someone around 24-hours a day, but they would not want to go into one of the care homes in Cambridge. The best alternative is private live-in care so that all their needs can be met in the comfort of their own home.

What can I expect from live-in care in Cambridge?

Many people are surprised to learn that the cost of private care packages such as Elder’s can be up to 30% cheaper to alternative care options. Elder carefully matches each caregiver with the person they are looking after. In addition to ensuring that the carer has all the skills, training and experience they need to meet your loved one’s needs, they will be chosen with other factors in mind too. Having 24/7 care provided by someone with similar values and interests can really improve your loved one’s quality of life and enable them to maintain a sense of independent living in a familiar environment.

If your loved one has special needs, for example for dementia care, we can arrange for a carer with appropriate training. Because Elder directly employs its carers in Cambridge, all the administrative details are taken care of, and you can be sure that the carer’s background will have been carefully checked, prior to their employment.

What support will my loved one receive with live-in care?

The actual tasks that the live-in carer carries out will vary according to your loved one’s needs. A comprehensive care plan will be devised which will cover all aspects of their daily life that they need help with. The care plan is developed in consultation with you and your loved one, so you can be sure that the things that are important to you both are recognised.

The live-in carer will be able to help with all the basic activities of daily living such as washing, dressing, eating and mobilising if this is required. They will also provide companionship, and because the carer and care recipient get to know each other so well, the carer will develop a deep understanding of your loved one’s wants and needs and can provide the best care.

As well as supporting the individual, the carer will help to maintain the home by carrying out many domestic tasks. These can include shopping, laundry and light housework. A healthy diet is vitally important, and Elder’s carers will prepare nutritious meals for your loved one, taking into account their particular likes and dislikes.

Escorting your loved one to appointments or social activities can also be part of the care package if this is needed. If your relative has pets that they are no longer able to care for, then care at home can extend to helping with this or other tasks. This is why we tailor each private care arrangement to the individual, and great care is taken to ensure the right carer is selected.

We provide live-in care in Cambridge and the surrounding areas

Elder’s live-in carers in and around Cambridge are committed to providing the best possible care to your loved one, and they can get started within 24 hours or speaking with us.

Can Elder provide dementia care?

If your loved one is living with dementia, the last thing they want is to be uprooted and put into a residential care home or nursing home. Moving to a strange environment can cause someone who is already anxious and confused to become disorientated and distressed, and having many different staff members providing personal care can seem threatening. Elder has carers trained in all aspects of elderly care including dementia care, and because your loved one would be receiving one-to-one care at home, there is far less disruption to their life.

Understanding the challenges that dementia or Alzheimer’s care needs can bring is central to providing good care for those living with these conditions.

The main tasks may involve supervision to ensure that the person does not come to any harm and sometimes extensive interventions are needed. The care plan will be amended and developed to take account of any changes in your loved one’s condition, to make sure that it continues to meet all their needs appropriately.

Being able to remain in their own home surrounded by their precious possessions is not only the best option for people who have dementia, but can be beneficial for other conditions too. Whatever medical condition your loved one has, whether it is multiple sclerosis, heart problems or Parkinson’s, they will benefit from a better quality of life with home care support from Elder’s dedicated and professional carers.

What happens when the carer needs a break?

Elder’s carers in Cambridge usually work in a rotation with another carer. One carer may live with your loved one for two weeks, for example, and then have two weeks off while another takes over. This ensures excellent continuity of care, unlike most residential care options where staff turnover can be quite high. The carer will need a set amount of break time and sleeping time in each 24-hour period, but this can be flexible and arranged to suit your loved one’s preferred routine.

If you are searching for the peace of mind of knowing your loved one has the best elderly care provision in place, contact Elder in Cambridge to discuss your requirements.


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