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Live-in Care in Loughborough

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What is live-in care?

Here at Elder, we are passionate about enabling elderly people to live lives that are as full and active as possible. That’s why we’ve developed a live-in care package that provides older people with real dignity and independence, whilst encouraging them to enjoy each day to the full.

By moving a trained and dedicated live-in caregiver into their home, living alongside them as an honorary family member, we enable older people to continue to enjoy all of their favourite pastimes, hobbies and interests, from the comfort of their own homes.

Would live-in care in Loughborough be a better option than a care home?

If your loved one has lived in Loughborough for many years, or in one of the satellite villages, such as Walton on the Wolds, Normanton on Soar or Woodhouse, for example, then they are unlikely to be willing to leave their home and familiar surroundings behind in order to move into residential care.

Although some older people are sanguine about the prospect of such a move, particularly if they have friends already in the establishment, the majority of elderly people view such a move with distrust, fearing that they will be forgotten about by their friends and family.

Moving into residential care means parting with the majority of their possessions, as an older person endeavours to fit a lifetime’s worth of belongings into one room in a care home. This means finding new homes for furniture, ornaments and paintings, and even though most residential homes allow residents to bring some possessions from their homes, the rooms simply aren’t large enough to accommodate the contents of an entire home.

In many cases, the older person has a pet animal that they love and care for. Whether it’s a cat, dog, small mammal or bird, the majority of residential homes aren’t able to accept pets, leading to an impossibly difficult decision for your loved one, for whom parting with a pet is as painful as parting with a member of their family.

Yet by simply moving a carer into your relative’s home, you instantly do away with the need to put your loved one through so much trauma. From their point of view, very little changes. They continue to live in their familiar surroundings, with friends and neighbours close at hand, but the presence of a caregiver 24/7 in their home gives them access to help, support and assistance whenever they need it.

If your relative suddenly decides that they would like to go for a stroll on a sunny afternoon, then the carer will make sure that this is what they do, and within just a few minutes they could be enjoying the spectacular views from Beacon Hill Country Park, or heading out for a shopping expedition to Carillon Court Shopping Centre on Swan Street.

We provide live-in care in Loughborough and throughout the East Midlands

If you’re looking for care in the Loughborough area, Elder provides the highest level of live-in care with highly skilled and compassionate caregivers.

What our customers say

“Judith is absolutely lovely and you could see the fantastic relationship she has with my mum. My mum’s smile nearly lit up the whole house when Judith arrived.”

Alison, UK

What tasks does a live-in carer in Loughborough carry out?

A live-in carer will perform any task necessary to ensure the ongoing health, safety and comfort of your loved one. This could be anything from hoovering to doing the weekly laundry, including ironing and making the beds too. Depending on your loved one’s health, the carer will either assist with household chores, or take charge altogether, ensuring that the home is kept clean and tidy.

Some care recipients have complex medical conditions that require more hands-on care, and in these instances, Elder will source a caregiver with experience in personal care tasks, such as personal hygiene and bathing. The presence of a live-in carer makes a huge difference to their quality of life, enabling them to get out and about an enjoy life to the full.

From arranging appointments with Pinfold Medical Practice to collecting prescriptions from Rosebery Pharmacy or The Medicine Box, the carer will make sure that your loved one receives appropriate medical attention as needed, and will take charge if any emergencies occur.

How much does it cost for a live-in carer in Loughborough?

Residential homes may offer round-the-clock care, but the staff rotas and shift patterns mean that your loved one may find themselves interacting with several different members of staff during the course of each day. With live-in care, there is just one familiar face, with the carer on hand in the home all the time, ready to provide support and assistance wherever it’s needed. So you might expect the cost of live-in care to exceed the fees of a care home.

In fact, Elder care starts at just £1225 per week, making it a more cost-effective option than residential care, representing a saving of around 30% in most cases. If you employ a caregiver to look after a couple in their home, then the savings are even greater.

But don’t assume that we save money by paying the carers who work with us less than they deserve – we put a high value on their work, which is why we make sure we pay them more than the industry standard rates.

Dulcie’s Care Story

In this short video, Mary and Colin explain how Dulcie’s live-in Elder carer, Sarah, has become part of the family. They discuss how live-in care has allowed Dulcie to stay independent in her own home, while making a new friend at the same time.

Living with Live in Care: Dulcie's Story

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