Elder Community Standards

Reinventing what it means to age requires a community built upon a strong foundation of safety, trust, integrity and transparency. At Elder, we’ve created these standards to ensure our community is aligned with the values and behaviours that underpin the excellent care and support facilitated through our platform. We expect safety and trust to remain at the forefront of this community, without exception. 

Working tirelessly everyday to ensure these values are upheld is our commitment to you. 

1. Be respectful

We expect you to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Always treat others as you would expect to be treated.  This also means being respectful of one another’s property. 

Elder is committed to equality of opportunity and Elder offers freedom of choice: carers and customers are free to choose who they work for and with, based on transparency, honesty and mutual respect.  

Elder can’t and won’t discriminate or tolerate any discrimination against any carer, customer or employee. 

For Elder’s full Discrimination & Respect policy, please visit this link.

2. Be honest

Providing safe care and support requires honesty. We expect you to be honest, all the time, for matters big and small. 

We also expect reliability, accountability and transparency. This means being responsible, open and candid. 

3. Be professional and proactive

Providing safe care and support requires everyone to work cooperatively and proactively with one another. 

Where there are concerns, report them as soon as possible; if someone is doing a fantastic job – let them know. We learn from mistakes and celebrate successes.

4. Communicate clearly and effectively

We expect everyone to maintain polite and professional communication. 

This applies to all forms of communication, from the Care profile to emails, text messages and phone calls – including any care notes or records you may choose to implement.

5. Protect and respect the right to confidentiality 

At Elder we take people’s right to confidentiality and data protection very seriously. 

You must maintain confidentiality at all times and at no time should you disclose information of a confidential or sensitive nature without clear authorisation. Confidential and sensitive information includes any personal identifying information, address, medical conditions, and photographs. 

Here you can find a link to our privacy policy.

These standards should be read alongside our Carer Standards, Guide for Customers and Elder’s promise to Carers.