Carer standards

Discover what it means to be a carer on our platform, as well as what you carers can expect from us. 


Our carer standards go through in detail what we expect from you and what you can expect from us to ensure everyone gets the care they deserve. We highly recommend watching the video and reading through the e-book before starting a placement with us.


Download our comprehensive standards e-book

Our video provides a great overview, but to get the detail on our expectations, it’s best to read through our e-book. This provides you with everything you need to know to get your ideal placement and deliver exceptional care.


  • How to become an Elder carer
  • Keeping your DBS updated
  • Travelling to and from placements
  • Handing over to an incoming carer
  • The support you can expect from us
  • Tips on personal care duties
  • What we mean by person-centred care
  • The domestic tasks we expect from you
  • How to have a great time with your client
  • The importance of great communication