Ian’s Story – live-in care advised by local council

It started with Dad’s health deteriorating, followed by a hospital visit. At that point, we already had morning and evening visits for Mum and Dad, but I was also doing a lot for them.

I’m an only child and my parents had become used to having me there to assist much of the time, so having someone different in the house was a big thing for them. Carers have to fit around my mother and learn how she and my dad like things done, as they like things a certain way and according to a set routine.

It can be hard to find the perfect person, on both sides, but we have now found (our current carer) Donika. She fitted in very quickly! She goes the extra mile, and she will rush to help my mother before she’s even asked, even in the middle of the night.

She knew how to play dominoes and, after watching me and Dad, she played with him as well and especially when I was not there. She even brought back a present for us when she came back to Scotland from her recent break – some local alcohol and a teapot.


My parents are both hard of hearing, so communication was always going to be very important. Donika is from Albania but she has lived in Glasgow for many years, and her daughters were raised here.

She speaks loudly and clearly, and she knows to say the right things at the right times, so we all understand her. Having lived in Scotland for many years, there is also a strong cultural bond.

I would say the perfect carer is someone who is really happy in their role, and cares as much about making a difference as making a living.

Donika is definitely a good fit for us. She is genuinely caring, dedicated and has the right experience and skills. She is someone who I feel I can fully trust to be there with my parents when I am away.

*Ian Garden, an Elder customer, talking about finding care for his parents*