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We’re the UK’s leading live-in care specialists, providing the alternative to the care home

Keeping older people connected to the things that matter most

We are a leading introductory live-in care agency, helping older people get the care they need, in the place they feel happiest – their own homes.

We believe life isn’t about how long you’re here for, it’s about how well it’s lived. It’s about getting the support you need without giving up your dignity. It’s about protecting your independence and making sure you’re able to choose the little things as you age – like what you have for dinner or watch on telly, right through to the big stuff, like where you call home.

This is something that’s close to all of our hearts here at Elder, and for Pete, our Founder and CEO, it’s a mission that is deeply rooted in personal experience.


Experts who are in your corner

Care is a complex subject, you’ll likely come across language and terms you’ve not heard before, and a lot of different options to consider.

This can be hard enough on its own, but accepting that your needs are changing can take an emotional toll too, and however you’re feeling about the prospect of care – that’s okay. There’s no playbook for how you should handle this journey.

It can, however, be a comfort to know you have the right experts by your side – people who can support you through difficult decisions and complicated forms, who can provide balanced, impartial advice, or lend a friendly ear when you just need to talk.

From our clinical team and family support specialists, right through to our social care partners, we ensure you have someone who you can turn to at every step.

Real care stories

Elderly care is full of untold stories of unique challenges, big decisions, and uplifting moments which can offer reassurance, and help us feel connected when making our own care decisions.

Read more from our customers, and carers on their experiences of live-in care and Elder.

Carer stories

Whether it started with supporting someone in their own family or they simply have always had a passion to help, discover the stories of the carers we work with.

Customer stories

Whether it’s getting up on the dance floor, forming lasting friendships or offering complete peace of mind to love ones, a live-in carer can be transformative.

 Join our mission

We’re a close knit community dedicated to making a difference to the lives of older people. Some of us have personal connections to care – having gone through the journey with our own loved ones. Some have been inspired by a carer or nurse within their own family, while others have come from a nursing background themselves.

Today, we all share one crucial mission –  to reinvent what it means to age. This means doing everything we can to keep older people connected to the people, places, and routines that matter to them.

We work together, sharing our skills and experiences to have a positive impact on the lives of our customers, and the wider society.

Everything we do comes straight from the heart. We ask ourselves, ‘what care would we want for our own loved ones?’, and seek excellence to promote better care, better understanding, and better opportunities for change.

But we can’t do this alone. Whether you’d like to care for an older person, or want to help us tackle one of society’s biggest challenges behind the scenes, we’d love to hear from you.

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