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It’s important to keep up with hobbies and activities after an alzheimer's diagnosis - Elder guide

Activities to do in later life

With advancements in medical treatment, we have an ageing population in a way that hasn’t…

Written by Christophe Locatelli

What are Dementia Cafes?

Whatever form of dementia someone may have, it can significantly impact both individuals living with…

Written by Christophe Locatelli

Middle Stage Alzheimer’s | Living with and caring for symptoms

Middle-stage Alzheimer’s – what you need to know The middle stage of Alzheimer’s disease is…

Written by Zenya Smith

Early Stage Alzheimer’s | Living with and caring for symptoms

Early-stage Alzheimer’s symptoms – what are they? In the early stages, the impact on someone’s…

Written by Zenya Smith

Could you benefit from befriending services?

What is a befriending service? Various organisations across the UK offer ‘befriending’ services to the…

Written by Zenya Smith

How do I find the most suitable respite care near me?

What is respite care?  Respite care is a temporary form of care that allows carers…

Written by Zenya Smith
Arthritis Care

Arthritis in the elderly – causes and care options

  Arthritis Care: What Causes Arthritis in the Elderly? Arthritis, which causes painful and inflamed…

Written by Joe Newman
Dementia care – what is sundowning?

Dementia care – what is sundowning?

Dementia care – what is sundowning? Sundowning – sometimes referred to as ‘late-day confusion’ –…

Written by Christophe Locatelli
Diabetes Care

The Types of Diabetes and How to Manage Them

Diabetes Care: What Causes Diabetes in the Elderly? Diabetes is an increasingly common life-long condition.…

Written by Christophe Locatelli

Care for the Elderly: Grooming and Hygiene Guide

Care for the Elderly: Grooming and Hygiene Guide Maintaining good personal hygiene is important as…

Written by Christophe Locatelli

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