Support for when someone dies

There are few moments more difficult to cope with than the loss of someone we love. With their passing can come a confusing array of emotions, and it’s perfectly natural to struggle in coming to terms with their loss.

Along with this, there are also a set of practical tasks that will need to be undertaken – from registering their death with the Government to working out to arrange a funeral in line with their wishes.

On this page, you’ll hopefully find some helpful resources, support groups and recommended services that can guide you through this difficult time.

Taking the practical first steps

When a loved one dies, it might be very difficult to consider practical tasks. Below are some resources to guide you through the process.


Free bereavement advice

Our partners at Co-op Legal Services have introduced a free Bereavement Notification Service. A Co-op Advisor will be able to give you free advice and guidance over the telephone and provide you with template letters for banks, insurers and other financial institutions.

They’ll also be able to help with the Government’s Tell Us Once service and even give advice on how to suppress junk mail and how to close down or memorialise social media accounts.

The advisor will explain whether probate is needed and can arrange a free appointment with one of our consultants to explain our estate administration service and give you a no-obligation price for Co-op Legal Services to carry out the required work for you. As an Elder customer, you’re entitled to a 5% discount on their probate services.

Coming to terms with loss

It’s never easy coping with the passing of someone you love. And, although it can often feel like it, you’re never alone. As well as the support of friends, family and neighbours, there’s a range of specialist charities that you can rely on.

Using NHS services

The National Health Service offer a range of guides and resources that can help you with self-care throughout the process of grieving. As well as visiting your GP, they offer a range of online services.

Building new friendships

Sometimes, the support that works best for people is talking to people in a similar situation.

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