Make later life better with live-in care.

We’ll ensure things are done your own way, in your own home – even when you need help doing them.

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As an award winning live-in care agency, we’ll match you with self-employed carers so you can stay in a place you feel comfortable, connected and in control – your own home.

We’ll really get to know everything that make you, you – from your important life events and your family, right through to what you like to watch on telly, and who you get on with. We’ll then help you to find a fully-vetted carer who can support your routine, and make your best days better.

What can a live-in carer do?

Provide companionship

Help with hobbies and activities

Keep the house clean and tidy

Cook and prepare meals

Help with personal care

Run small errands

Live-in care your family will love

Who is the care for?

What type of care is required?

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Does the person receiving care live with dementia?

How is their mobility?

How soon is the care needed?

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How it works


Tell us what you need

Speak to an Elder Care Advisor and complete our online care appraisal – this gives us a clear picture of the type of support you’re after.


Review your carer profiles

We’ll send you the profiles and videos of suitable carers. All you need to do is let us know who you’d like as your live-in carer.


Your care begins

As your carer settles in, we’ll keep in touch regularly to help everything run smoothly and answer any questions.