Introducing Grainne:

elder’s Clinical & Governance Lead

Grainne, our new Clinical Lead, has joined elder to help us make sure everyone receives the best care possible.

We recently welcomed Grainne to the team at elder HQ, and thought it was definitely worth introducing her to you all. Not because she’s lovely - although she’s that too - but because she’s joining us as our new Clinical Lead. What that means is, if you’re receiving care, arranging care for a loved one, or working as a care professional, Grainne will be behind the scenes, working hard to make sure we’re maintaining the excellent quality of care we’re here to provide.

Training as a nurse, improving her skills and gaining vast amounts of experience are a bit of a habit for Grainne. She started out by receiving an honours degree in nursing and was one of just 15 students - out of the 65 in her class - who secured a job after graduating from her training hospital. After moving to London from Dublin and making the switch to private healthcare, she carried on developing her skills, quickly climbing the ranks to Senior Staff Nurse for her ward.

Seeking new challenges, two years ago Grainne made the switch to digital health tech company Babylon. As one of the original staff members, she was instrumental in getting the platform off the ground, while also providing care to patients via their Ask a Question service.

Grainne’s still registered as a nurse and continues to maintain her skills, but now her focus is with us at elder, and making sure everyone who receives care through our service, gets the best care possible. But rather than keep telling you ourselves, we thought we’d ask Grainne herself to explain a bit about her new role at elder.

Grainne, what does a day at elder look like for you?

A day at elder can be really busy and varied. As the Clinical & Governance Lead, I deal with anything relating to care. That involves answering any questions our Care Specialists might have, but it also means dealing with any issues or concerns relating to safeguarding. The Care Specialists escalate the matter to me so I can investigate it further. If there is an issue, I put the measures in place to prevent any incidents like that from happening again.

I’m also the person who ensures the company is following correct procedures and regulations. I spend a lot of my time creating, monitoring, auditing and reviewing policies. I also train all the staff at elder HQ so they know the policies really well, and then I follow up to make sure they’re being followed.

Anything else?

It’s not day-to-day, but I’m also responsible for writing the annual Quality Management Report. That’s where I review elder’s care practices for the year and make sure we’re maintaining the high level of care we aim to provide.

Why did you move into Health Technology from full-time nursing?

I made the switch to Health Tech because I believe the tech industry can help get high quality care to vast amounts of people in the most efficient way. In saying that, there will always be a need for traditional care. I made the move because I wanted to combine the two.

And what made you choose elder?

Providing the highest quality care to the elderly is very close to my heart. My mum is a nurse and in the early ‘90s she set up the first stroke rehabilitation unit outside of Dublin. While she was managing that she would often bring me in to visit patients that didn’t get a lot of visitors. As you can imagine, I spent a lot of my youth around elderly people, learning how to care for them in an empathetic and compassionate way.

I’ve always wanted to make a difference and be an advocate for the more vulnerable people in society. Throughout my nursing career I’ve been able to do that. I’m so excited about my role at elder because it gives me the opportunity to keep making a difference.