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This is how

How to get a care assessment

So how do you know if you need care? When even the simplest of tasks such as getting out of bed and making breakfast are proving difficult, it could be worth getting a free care assessment.

All you need to do is phone the social services department at your local council and ask for one.

An assessor will then come round, so you can explain:

* What exactly it is you’re struggling with

* What you can or can’t do

* What help you currently get

* How you want to be supported

Once you’ve discussed these points with your assessor, the local council can then create a care plan that works for you and arrange for a carer to come in and support you at home.

If you’d like to find a live-in carer with elder or want to know more about care assessments, just give us a call on **0203 095 7170** and one of our friendly support team will be more than happy to answer your questions.