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Elder care

What is at-home post-operative care?

Post-operative care, also named convalescent care, is a crucial aspect of recovery following a surgical…

Written by Christophe Locatelli

How can home care help with learning disabilities?

How Can Live-in Home Care Help With Learning Disabilities? Learning disabilities come in many different…

Written by Joe Newman

Elder’s Christmas gift ideas for 2023

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for an older loved one? We understand…

Written by Zenya Smith

The 5 stages of palliative care

Palliative care focuses on symptom control, advanced care planning, and quality of life. It’s a care…

Written by Zenya Smith

What if my elderly parents or relatives refuse care?

Elderly Care: What if Elderly Parents Refuse Care? Growing older and less able to maintain…

Written by Joe Newman
What type of background checks should I be doing on a home carer?

What type of background checks should I be doing on a home carer?

What type of background checks should I be doing on a home carer? When you…

Written by Joe Newman

How to look after an older person who doesn’t want to move into a care home

Looking after an elderly loved one with specialist care needs can be a difficult time…

Written by Zenya Smith
treatment for dementia - An Elder guide

How can live-in care help an older person with cancer?

How can live-in care help families look after an elderly relative with cancer? With age, comes…

Written by Visiblis Agency

Live-in care Vs Other types of care

Live-in care Vs Other types of care If your loved one has reached a stage…

Written by Christophe Locatelli

Halloween safety tips for older people

Halloween can be a magical time for many, especially if you have young children or…

Written by Zenya Smith
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